Wednesday, July 29, 2009

FNH Target Rifles

I see that my friends at FNH are expanding their superb line of rifles...I've talked at length about how much I like their tactical rifles...I have a target I shot from one of the FNH FBI rifles at the old Crucible facility years ago over my desk. Here's the press release:

FNH USA hits the target with its new
Tactical Sport Rifle (TSR)

​McLean, Va. (July 29, 2009). FNH USA announces the new FN TSR (Tactical Sport Rifle) is now shipping to distributors and dealers. Configurations include:

FN TSR XP USA (arriving at dealers now)
• 223 REM: 20” fluted barrel; six-round magazine

FN TSR XP (additional models available by year end 2009)
• 308 WIN: With 20” and 24” fluted barrels; four-round magazine
• 300 WSM: With 24” fluted barrel; three-round magazine

​Built at FN Manufacturing in Columbia, SC, the TSR has a new three-lever tactical sport trigger with an adjustable pull weight from three to five pounds and is factory set at 3.75 pounds. Both models have MIL-SPEC cold hammer-forged barrels for long bore life. Models feature an internal magazine with a hinged floor plate (FLP) or detachable box magazine (DBM). Included is a one-piece steel MIL-STD 1913 optical rail, with additional elevation built-in for quick sighting and proper scope height.

​The Model 70 design bolt-action receiver is available in ultra short, short magnum and long action lengths and mates to a full aluminum bedding block molded into the FN/Hogue® synthetic stock that’s covered with a textured olive drab OverMolded rubber surface. Premium recoil pad and multiple sling studs are standard equipment.

​For more information on the FN TSR XP and FN TSR XP USA, visit

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Dave S. said...

So what makes them "tactical"? Is it the tacticool "coyote" color? The Picatacticalinny rail? The "Mil-spec" barrel? Everyone knows that a woodgrain stock and Weaver mounts means it's just a hunting rifle, but make it olive drab with parkerized steel and it's battlefield ready!

I think the silliness reached its height with this month's American Rifleman review of the - I kid you not - "Xtreme Machining .338 Xtreme Tactical" rifle. Not just tactical - Xtreme tactical! To the max! Built for operators!

Ah, yes, I can hear the grim pocketa-pocketa-pocketa of the new German X-treme Tactical Operator flamethrowers now...

(a kewpie doll to whoever gets the reference)

Anonymous said...

Any thing you say DAVE don'nt unplug me DAVE DAYSIE DAYSIE


gullyborg said...


(please use the kewpie doll as a reactive target - my ex-wife used to collect those creepy-ass things!)

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm most disappointed that the .223 model has 1:12 rifling. Mr. Greenhill (formula) tells me that ammo choices will be pretty limited. Bummer. I sure would be nice to buy an off the shelf bolt-action .223 that could handle the 69/77/80 grainers.

Dave S. said...


We have a winnah!

ericire12 said...

Michael, You are officially banned from this Blog...... You are just way too commercial!

Michael Bane said...

I know! Darn...if I'm banned from my own blog, can I get back on


ericire12 said...

Thats hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Commercial pays the bills. Carry on sir.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if that .223 really has a poky 1:12 twist, then they just blew any credibility in labeling it "tactical."

How hard is it to give us a modern, tough, optics-friendly production boltie with a 1:8 or 1:9 barrel?

Anonymous said...

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