Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Nicely Written Piece...from a Liberal, No Less...

This from a small newspaper in Maine, written by freelance writer Liz Soares:
I've had the distinct feeling lately that we are poised precariously between two realities.

Our lives go on much as they have before. Our cars still run, our washing machines chug away, our children still manage to find summer jobs at McDonald's. Every so often the federal financial gurus tell us things are getting better. The Dow goes up for a day before it goes down again. Our jobs are safe. For now.

But then we hear the state government of California is writing IOUs. Tent cities are springing up in Florida. Major auto companies, once a mainstay of our economy, would go under if not for government help.

We seem to accept it all without a blink of an eye. So far we have left revolution to the Iranians. But we are talking about TEOTWAWKI among ourselves. Ordinarily peace-loving citizens are arming themselves. The murmur is growing louder.

I am listening.
Read the whole thing, and pass it on.


Lee said...

.. yet, the media & public highly disproportionately cover jackson's memorial while we have such greater issues that affect us all.

The sheep have no idea what's going on and it is sad.

Anonymous said...

I heard that.BAH BAH

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