Saturday, July 04, 2009


11 perfect stages, including one in the driving rain, and I throw away a perfect match in the "gimme" pistol segment of the 12 and final stage...a moment's loss of focus and away it goes!

Still, the best cowboy match I've had as a leftie!

-- Post From The Road


Anonymous said...

glad the comp went well for you michael

Wallaby Jack said...

... leftie ... ???

Michael Bane said...

Couple of years ago I lost most of the vision in my right eye...I was hugely right-eyed/right side dominant as a competitor. It took about a year and a half to shift over to shooting right hand/left eye with the handgun (lot of whining and bitching on my part) took a complete change in the way I shot...isoceles to modified Weaver, for example.

Then I started on the long guns, which are now shot off my left shoulder..this has proven to be much harder than the handgun adaptation, but I'm getting there.

That's the utility of shooting cowboy instead of USPSA or IDPA...3 guns and lots of transitions. Makes me constantly think about foot and body position, which hand I use to pick up which gun, etc.

I had always shot in contact lenses, which are off the table for a while, so I'm still juggling glasses as well (with help from the shooting experts at Decot-Hiwyd).

I'm also taking sporting clays lessons in a couple of weeks using a 20-gauge 870 fitted for shouldering on the left side.

Overall, I think the experience has been good for me, knocking me out of my longtime comfort zone and forcing me to re-examine shooting — how it's taught and how it's learned. I have a much better understanding of the problems of newbies and people with cross-dominance issues.

And after a coulple of years, I can ALMOST think about the doctor who cost me me right eye without imagining him staked to a cross with his entrails hanging out...


Wallaby Jack said...

Thanks, ... now I understand.

... although that image of that doctor seems to have a certain appeal ....

... wbj ..

Anonymous said...

Well, aside from not being a permanent loss, I broke my right wrist when in my early 20s and learned to do a lot southpaw, it was a revelation and I also discovered I am left eye dominant anyway, so i practice both ways as much as possible. Good luck MB

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