Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Senator Kennedy!

Forty years ago yesterday the Moral Center Of The Democratic Party left young Mary Jo Kopechne to die in car he crashed off the bridge at Chappaquiddick. There's commentary from Power Line. Hey, Mr. Moral Center claims to be a good Catholic...think he might be smelling a hint of brimstone in the air?


SARDUDE said...

I suspect Ted smelled the brimstone long ago when he was signing the contract!

gunman42782 said...

The sooner this POS dies, the better we all will be.

ericire12 said...

And lets not forget that Daddy Kennedy was an outspoken Nazi supporter

Will said...

Years ago I read a book by an investigator who looked into the incident. I think it was for the woman's family? He came to the conclusion that the car going into the water was staged by Kennedy and friends. Blood soaked into her sweater, and dried, was found after her removal from the submerged car. Also, the damage to the body of the car did not match falling into a body of water, but instead looked like damage that results from rolling the car onto a farmer's field. Soft ground, in other words. Also, the drivers side mirror was knocked loose, which sometimes happens when you tie a rope from it to the steering wheel. It is thought that Kennedy was diving to recover the rope and whatever was propped on the gas pedal. The investigator thinks Kennedy rolled the car when he missed a turn or just wandered off the back road while drunk. The woman was knocked unconscious, and thinking she was severely injured or dead, decided to change the circumstances to absolve him of charges of felony drunk driving, to wit: death or great bodily injury.
The problem for Kennedy is she was alive when he put the car and her into the water. The blood proves she was injured BEFORE the car took its dive. So, now, the criminal charge is manslaughter at least. No time limit on that.
BTW, I showed the photos of the car to a master bodyman without telling him the story. His expert opinion was the damage was from soft ground, not pavement or water. Since he was very familiar with both repairing the results, and recovering crashes with his own towtrucks for 50 years, I think he knew his business.