Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pulled the Lever...

...yesterday on the Dillon 650. For some reason I have more trouble with my 650, which is set up to run .357 cowboy stuff, than my ancient 550s (including one that was upgraded from an original 400/450) and my ritzy-titzy 1050 that cranks out .45 ACPs. It's one small problem after another...I even sent the thing back to Dillon at one point. They overhauled it, and it's still a pain in ass. I ran up 300 or so Unique/158-gr LaserCast rounds, so we could get in a practice session today in between thunderstorms. Maybe my 650 is suffering from the hellish pain of incipient racism...

Practice went'd been at least a week since I heard guns go bang, so I was more or less in withdrawal. My Sweetie is shooting extremely well, BTW.

I even went crazy and cooked last night...wild sockeye salmon, seared on top of the stove, then sorta poached in my own tamari-wasabi-honey-worcestershire sauce-Tabasco marinade. I wanted to grill it outside, but up here in Secret Hidden Bunker we're still trapped in the brutal grip of global warming, so it's cool and rainy every day. I served it along with fresh corn on the cob.

BTW, am watching HIGH NOON for the umteenth time...sadly, we all live in Hadleyville now.


Anonymous said...

Mr Bane,
Love the shows and it sounds like a great dinner last night.....keep up the good work.

Bill- MI

George said...

What is the recipe for the marinade?

Flash Powder Hal said...

We watched "Tremors" again tonight.

Nothing better than seeing Reba blasting away at giant worms - LOL.

DonWorsham said...

Do not forsake me oh my darlin'.

I do not know
What fate awaits me

I only know
I must be brave

Frank W. James said...

Michael: My 650 has been DOWN in pieces for years now. I can never get the thing to run for a whole afternoon without a major malfunction of some sort, so don't feel like the 'Lone Ranger'. However, my 1050 and all my Square Deal B's run like champions.

I think it's a 'Karma' thing with the 650 and their owners. Some run great for everyone....and then there is 'our' experience.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Anonymous said...

Yes, I want to know about the marinade as well.

Now where is that copy of High Plains Drifter... :)


Anonymous said...

I have to go with Rio Bravo over High Noon. I agree with Howard Hawks.

Behind the Chicago Curtain

Dave S. said...

"Now where is that copy of High Plains Drifter... :)"

Didn't someone once describe High Plains Drifter as "High Noon if Gary Cooper died"?

nj_larry said...

My vote is with "My Darling Clementine" with a young Hank Fonda as Wyatt Earp and Ward Bond as brother Morgan. John Ford directing makes it a cinematic gem.

Anonymous said...


How dare you bad mouth your Dillon 650!


I know that you know that the Brian Enos forum is just a couple clicks away for you.

All you have to do is search their Dillon reloading equipment subforum, and you will probably find a solution to your problem quickly.

Worst case scenario is that you would have to actually post a thread there asking for help with your 650.

Once people see your screenname there asking for help, they will probably fall all over themselves clamoring to post helpful responses.