Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Brief Interlude of Actual Gun Stuff

Steve over at The Firearms Blog is reporting that at least in Europe, Sig has entered the AR-15 market:
I had no idea that Sig Sauer were making AR-15 / M16 rifles but my DSEi spy spotted this prototype SIG516 1 PDW at the DSEi 09 expo. It features a 7" barrel, putting it firmly in the PDW class, and chambers the 5.56mm NATO.


The SIG516 Tactical Rifle line has three different models:

SIG516 PDW : 7" barrel. A personal defense weapon (pictured above).
SIG516 CQB : 10" barrel. A Colt M4 Commando equvelent.
SIG516 BASELINE CARBINE : 14.5" barrel. A M4 Carbine equvelent.
SIG516 Patrol. 16" barrel.
SIG516 Tactical Marksman: 16" barrel A squad level sniper / designated marksmen rifle.
SIG516 Precision Marksman: 20" barrel. Possibly a true sniper rifle, or designated marksmen rifle.
They are all piston operated and feature an adjustable gas regulator like the Ruger SR-556.
Ummmmm, okay. Should they roll this platform into the U.S., it will compete most directly with their own Sig 556, yet another piston-operated 5.56 and a really nice (if heavy) carbine in its own right.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't you be getting ready for a fun night of Outdoor Channel fun? :-) Where's the popcorn? Thanks for all you do!

Haji said...

Yay. Another SIG offering in the .233 realm. I wonder if they'll introduce it with a plastic rail and no sights like they did with their last one.

Seems like the gun guys are gone from SIG these days.

Anonymous said...

Cost vs features comparisons?

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

This will be announced in the US fairly soon. Sig in the US runs Sig Germany now so expect this at Shot Show or sooner.

Lawrence said...

Can civilians in europe own those?

Anonymous said...

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