Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Stephen Hunter Novel Coming!

For November release...I just got an advance copy yesterday. We'll be making a big deal of the release on DRTV!

-- Post From The Road


Mathew Paust said...

How's about giving us a sneak peak when you've looked at it? Sure hope the unimaginative title isn't an indication that Mr. Hunter's losing interest in Bob Lee.


Anonymous said...

Thank God! Been revisiting 47th and Night of Thunder via audiobooks. Already read the hardbacks. I will be buying this one in hardback even though I have a kindle. Hunter books deserve to be read in hardback.

Anonymous said...

I remember when his last book came out you said you met with him in Fells Point and did some dive-bar hopping. PLEASE OH PLEASE let us know if/when this happens again!! I have Mr. Hunter's autograph on one of his books,"Hot Springs" and Id love to get his autograph on this newest book. I can be in Fells Point in 30 minutes!