Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama IS a Liar, So What's the Big Deal?

The idea of the Democrats censuring anyone for anything short of the serial killings of children, puppies and baby seals and/or genocide is laughable. Joe Wilson, you're my hero!


Hazcat said...


Dave S. said...

Time and place. I've lost patience with the Baby Boomers' lack of respect and decorum. That goes for both sides. The sooner this no-class generation retires from business and politics, the better.

Anonymous said...

Dave S. You would have HATED they rude SOB's who FOUNDED this country.
THAT "no class generation" even resorted to vandalism and theft of the kings arms.
Am I the only one to notice that Mr Wilson is being chastised from all sides for being rude, however, no one has challenged him on the basic truth of his statement, nor has any one DENIED that BO is a liar, in fact, Fact check. com confirms it.
Tom Bogan

Geoff aka Pathfinder said...

No shrug, no apologies, no more quietly taking it in the rear. Wilson was right, someone had to proclaim that the new Emperor has no clothes - or truth. Good for him.

Remember, it is one of Alinsky's edicts to use our own rules (in this case about decorum) against us. Never bothered the leftists when they booed W in '05. Hypocrites!

km200 said...

TB:THAT "no class generation" even resorted to vandalism and theft of the kings arms.

That was action, not words. In their writings they were very eloquent. In person who knows, they may have sprayed spit when they got mad - and given the hygiene of the day that could have been fatal. When the founders wrote a rebuke, they told someone to go to hell and that someone would ask directions!

And yes, Joe Wilson calls it like it is and NOBODY is calling him a liar. He is the one man in that chamber who had some balls. Besides Pelosi.

Joe Wilson, you're my hero!

Rastus said...

If you go away will go away.

Dave, I respectfully disagree with you. If polite consideration is not given to dissenting views, it is at times required to become impolite..especially when the lives of our families are involved.

I care about my children more than I care about how someone critiques decorum. It is about results...the result of being quiet..look at the Jews in WWII....that worked our really well for them. These people are fascists...that must be in front of our thinking at all times.

gullyborg said...




Inside voices, children, inside voices...

Rastus said...

One other comment Dave, and I don't mean disrespect but it is a fact. I am 53, my Mom is 80, my dad would be 86 and he was a WWII vet. I was raised polite, their generation strove to that end without speaking out. That generation (yours) missed it...look at where our nation is now. Being quiet, polite and letting someone else handle it has failed. You must face this failure to progress and address the impending collapse of our nation...and if you don't think it is collapsing around you then I fear there is no hope for the nation. Not because of you, but because of that failed outlook that is reflected in the fall of all other great societies...denial.

Let them eat cake, Rome is burning...and many others....

rastus said...

I meant (yours?) with a question mark.

nj_larry said...

Joe Wilson is in a campaign for his Congressional seat. Posting is good, but even better is a contribution to his re-election fund. Ten bucks is all it takes, times everyone who supports him.

Bill Rushmore said...

Dave S.,

Speaking the truth is never a lack of respect or decorum.

Dave S. said...

The Town Halls are where you shout. An address to Congress is where you listen, craft a devastatingly logical riposte, and deliver it afterwards.

And "Hey, they did it!" never worked with my Mom.

Thomas Jefferson wrote a searing indictment of Great Britain and King George called the Declaration of Independence. He didn't go to Parliament and yell, "Blow me!"

rastus said...

King George and the Declaration....that is an apples and oranges argument. That was not a representative republic was the creation of a republic from a pseudo-monarchy. That declaration was a statement of being set apart to create something new...the shout "liar" was a cry to protect that which is good which is being stripped away by liars and men who do not follow the law. If they lie and have no honor it is outright foolishness to think that courteous discourse will gain anything more than "rightful" scorn from the fascist who are stealing our nation.

Anonymous said...

"An address to Congress is where you listen, craft a devastatingly logical riposte, and deliver it afterwards."

Hardly anyone outside of punditry pays attention to the response. If you want your objection to be heard, you have to make it in front of the main audience.

Anonymous said...

American politicians need to grow a set if they find that outburst upsetting. Try Prime Minister's Question Time in British Parliament.

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