Friday, September 11, 2009

By Popular Demand

Cedar Ridge Saddlery holsters, as I mentioned on the podcast this week. Check out the floral carving on the dropped-offset! Both are for 5-inch 1911s.


Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Patton,

Only a New Orleans pimp would have a floral carved holster.

Michael Bane said...

Then call me GANGSTA-BOY!


John said...

Alas, I've nothing (yet) to carry in such a holster and those are too nice to conceal.

Geoff aka Pathfinder said...

Speaking of the podcast, I was already in a bad mood when I finally got a chance to listen, and what do you do, MB? You start with Jim Morrison's Summer's Gone! Geez!! Maybe today's trap shoot will help snap me out of it.

I wonder what cocktail of recreational pharmaceuticals he was on when he did that one????