Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Suffering Through Wednesday

I swear my nose is going to fall off...the consequences of my Pandemic Head Cold! OMG! Am I going to look like Michael Jackson? Can I Velcro it back on if it falls off? What if Pokkee-san the Tailless Cat mistakes it for a mouse and eats it? I suffer piteously...I suppose I could go negotiate for some cold medicine from local Walgreens, but then if I I got it I'd probably just cook up some meth with it and use the money to buy ammo.

Here's a pretty good piece on guns from a the whole thing, because he's right...they're not magic talismans!
What do you do? Do you have a gun? Where is it? Is it loaded? Is it locked away or gun-locked? What are your chances of surviving an attack without a weapon compared to having one?

I’m not saying go buy the gun. I’m saying that if you already have one and you haven’t shot it or cleaned it in, let’s say, the last year, or if it is in the closet, unloaded and/or locked down, the fact is, you will not be able to get to it in time.

Crooks are deathly afraid of being shot. They don’t like being bitten by dogs or locked up by the cops, or going down with the swine flu either, but they really don’t like being shot.

Criminals pick on the weak, and yes, the na├»ve, and those that will offer the least threat to them as they commit the crime. If you have a weapon, clean it up, oil it up, shoot it and then decide if you need to have it in the home. That’s a tough question if you have kids.
Good read...BTW, I had a thought early this morning while I was holding a tissue to my pathetic nose pretending to sleep. A few weeks ago a commenter ask me a perfectly good question on custom guns...what do you do with them? I think I answered something to the effect that I use all my guns, especially the custom ones. That was an okay answer, but not the real answer.

For a lot of us, custom guns are therapy. Essentially — a word I use too much — putting together a custom gun, which takes place in your head long before it gets carved out of steel, uses up a huge amount of available RAM. And while you're pondering front sight options for a single action revolver, you're not thinking about work, about your huge to-do list for tomorrow, about your next steps in the intricate dance of business. The meticulous sifting of options, the dozens of choice that go into a custom gun, are soothing. It's helps take one's mind off not only work, which is my particular disease, but the fact that my country is crumbling around me and it's 14 months before we can take steps to stop the disaster-in-progress.

Certainly, we have an end use in mind for the custom, but in custom guns as in many things in life, the journey is more important that the destination. And every time I pull the trigger on the trick piece, I get to relive a little of that journey. It's a lot cheaper than a shrink — although I once had a shrink with great legs and short skirts who was on the balance worth the money — and when the therapy session is over, you've actually got something you can hold in your hands!

And no, the graphic novel cover above, lumbering toward a 2011 movie with Robert Downey Jr., has nothing to do with this post!


Anonymous said...

Cowboys and Aliens might make for a nice SASS scenario...

John Richardson said...

You need to do a saline rinse and get that nasty stuff out of there. It keeps the sinuses moist and better able to fight off the infection. You can go all Boulder New Age and get a neti pot or just get a bottle of Ocean and spritz with that.

My credentials on bad sinuses includes 4 sinus surgeries plus funding my ENT and allergist's hobbies over the years.