Sunday, September 27, 2009

Frank James on Concealed Carry

From his always, Frank cuts to the chase like a laser beam:
Handguns, by definition, are a compromise....and in many instances they are a poor compromise.

The question is in what areas do you personally compromise?

In my view and for self-defense, the most important element in the equation is instant accessibility in a lethal force situation. Anything less and the gun is virtually worthless. You can't go "Kings X" and take a time-out while you retrieve your self-defense blaster from its child-proof storage container in the closet of your bedroom. You HAVE TO HAVE IT IMMEDIATELY when you are 'blind-sided' by the aggressor whether you are on the street, or coming out of the bathroom of your home.
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Hazcat said...

Call me paranoid but even siting on the throne there is a handgun within reach!

Geoff aka Pathfinder said...

Haz, repeat after me - This is my rifle, this is my gun..."


Good post, why I carry even at home. May (God willing) be traveling soon, will have to update my CCW to the new states recognition. Maybe throw a rifle in the trunk too.

Mathew Paust said...

I remember a long thread on the old forum of the '90s in which the subject of how to manage you carry gun in a public toilet discussed. As I recall, the problems came with belt-holstered guns.

There were some clever solutions offered, but as I mostly carry only in pockets these days, the best of those ideas have slipped...just out of reach.