Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Bank Job

Active shooter in a bank...

-- Post From The Road


Hazcat said...

Ya know if ya want to make these scenarios believable ya needs ta hold yer blaster correctly.

Ya know, hold it head high with yer arm bent at the elbow, sights 90 degrees slanted, and the muzzle canted down at about a 25 degree angle. ;)

Clark Kent said...

Like Haz says. And the other hand be holding up the baggy pants so's they don't fall down around the ankles and trip the dude as he escapes on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash and dyepacks. Yo.

Anonymous said...

Although the references to urban black culture are humorous, the overwhelming profile of bank robbers are older white guys.

Bill Lester said...

Who are the most infamous bank robbers? The James Gang...Butch & Sundance...Dillinger...Baby Face Nelson...Bonnie & Clyde...Patty Hearst...John Wojtowicz...Matasareanu & Phillips. Yes, even Willie Sutton. All Caucasians.

Beyond being ignorant in and of itself, don't give our anti-gun foes any cutesy racist ammunition with which to injure us. The Left trolls blogs all the time, looking for quotes that paint pro-gunners, pro-lifers, Conservatives, etc. in a bad light. A gun rights fence sitter may be tipped to the anti side after seeing earlier comments reposted elsewhere. Thanks guys.

Clark Kent said...

Good points, those advocating political correctness, but most of the examples of white bank robbers given are of a different age.

My position is that if a young man wears the baggy pants and struts around trying to look bad, and calls himself a "gangsta," whether he be black, white, brown, red or somewhere in between - and indeed they come in all those colors - he fits an accurate and very current description - a self-caricature, perhaps, but not by me - of what we find actually robbing banks and convenience stores so frequently it's become a cliche.

I don't consider it racist to acknowledge very much their problem.

Clark Kent said...

Lost something in my last post. The last sentence should read, "For those who might it is, in my opinion, very much their problem."

Clark Kent said...

Wow, either words are disappearing, or I need new glasses. Let's try that last sentence one more time:

"For those who disagree it is, in my opinion, very much their problem."

farmer ted said...

Clark baby, thanks for speaking up for the white man ! Being racially superior to all other races we ain't taking no crap ! Buddy your right on cause no monkeys gonna tell us what to do. Guns and the white man settled this country and we ain't having it stolen from us.

Clark Kent said...

Your sarcasm is noted, Ted, but, for the record, I am in no way a white supremacist. Nor do my posts imply as much. Your claim that most bank robbers are white, with examples of undeniably white bank robbers, most of whom, however, practiced their vocation in the 19th and early 20th centuries, is ludicrous in today's context. But even then, the "gangsta" persona, which might have been created by young blacks, has carried over to whites, Latinos, Asians and, in fact, any ethnic/racial group, with the common denominator being that live in low-income urban neighborhoods and watch too much television.

As a youngster, I used to gallop home from Saturday matinees at the local theater, thinking I was Roy or Gene or Hoppy. I'd point my finger and make a noise in my throat that was suppose to resemble the sound of shots being fired from a righteous six-gun.

Kids today - I don't care what the hell their national derivation or what color they may be - are apt to ape their own role models from movies and TV. And these role models are not the perhaps naively wholesome characters who influenced our outlooks at that impressionable age. Role models for today's youth are cool, bad, dangerous, drug-dealing, Glock flashing dudes, who may get killed, but who die with their women and posses crying and their martyrdom secured in the 'hood.

Our society is rotting from within with this kind of horse manure being pawned off as "culture."

You can sit back, if you choose, making smug fun of people you think are beneath you because they don't knee jerk to the politically correct dogmas you fancy, but on the street, at night, when you're carrying - if you carry - which profile is apt to nudge you from condition white to a yellow or even orange as you approach a group of them in a dark, unattended parking ramp as you head to your Beamer fresh from a fund-raising concert with your companion at your side?

Would it be men in their 30s in jeans and bomber jackets and military haircuts? Maybe, if they gave off a predatory air. But I have trouble picturing such a scene.

Or would it be a group of youths of any color, wearing baggy pants hanging early off their asses, baseball caps carefully askew, laughing loudly, using profanity and eyeing your companion lewdly?

Can you give me an honest answer, or will you simply spout more PC crap and academic sarcasm? The choice is yours.