Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Okay, I Lied!

I didn't get a chance to get pictures of the take-down rifle today because we were assaulting appliances, books, and one overstuffed chair. We did a new series of penetration tests..here's a quick quiz...how many hardback books in a plain vanilla pressboard bookcase will be needed to stop a 5.56 ball round? 230-gr .45 ball? #00 12-gauge buckshot? What happens when you shoot buckshot through a refrigerator full of waterbottles?

HA! You have to wait until nest season's THE BEST DEFENSE!

Meanwhile, a couple of interesting gun developments. SureFire has a couple of mini-suppressors for 5.56. This from Military Times:
Surefire snuck out two new 5.56mm suppressors at Modern Day Marine Expo. The Mini and the Micro are stubby little suckers that add barely 3.6 and 2.6 inches to a weapon’s muzzle but cut down weapon signature and improve unit communication.
This is interesting, since SureFire's regular-sized 5.56 suppressors are in short supply — at least, for civilian buyers. On the subject of suppressors, Advanced Armament Corp. has been acquired by Remington, part of the Cerberus/Freedom Group monolith. From Defense Review:
Remington’s decision to purchase AAC stems from recognition that future military weapons selections will almost unilaterally require sound and/or signature reduction. Our military has been at war for over 8 years now and experience shows that there are significant tactical advantages associated with suppressor use; hence the military’s interest in adopting this new requirement.
Rumors about this have been flying around for months and methodically denied by AAC and Remington.

Gonna film in the AM, then head to D.C. tomorrow for the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation banquet...


Hazcat said...


seeker_two said...

Thanks for killing the suspense for Season II, Hazcat....you probably told everyone how the movie TITANIC ended, too.....


Chas said...

"...we were assaulting appliances, books, and one overstuffed chair."

Did they surrender peaceably or did you have to kill 'em?

Mathew Paust said...

Chas - As these undoubtedly were armed appliances and books (I can't speak to the chair) our heroes would have been shooting only to stop, not to kill.

If the chair indeed were unarmed and took a shot or two or three it would qualify for government aid in the "collateral damage" category, I should think.

Walter45Auto said...

Which stops bullets and buckshot better? BEER or Bottled Water???

Cat wait to see that episode. And the new season in general....:D

Matthew said...

If you shot any beer I'd be willing to shoot (vice drink), it would probably be an American mass-produced and thus not truly different from bottled water for experimental purposes.


Anonymous said...

Good on AAC.