Friday, October 23, 2009

Before I Zipped to the Airport...

...I spent some time with my friend Travis Noteboom, who's one of the directors of HAVA, Honored American Veterans Afield, talking about what we can do to promote that very worthwhile organization. We came up with some good ideas, and of course, you'll be hearing about them soon.

Meanwhile, back in the gun-free paradise formerly known as "Great" Britain, those rollicking Bobbies are now rolling with MP-5s:
Police officers armed with submachine guns are to be deployed on routine patrol of Britain's streets for the first time.

A hand-picked team from CO19, the Metropolitan Police's elite firearms unit, will walk the beat in gun crime hotspots where armed gangs have turned entire estates into "no go" zones.

Local politicians and anti-gun campaigners have reacted with anger at the news that the officers will carry Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns – capable of firing up to 800 rounds-per-minute – and Glock semi-automatic pistols.

CO19 currently provides armed support in volatile situations like sieges and terrorist attacks, with its officers on constant call in vehicles around London.

But this is the first time that armed officers will be sent on permanent foot patrol anywhere in the country outside Northern Ireland.
Gosh, that gun-free thing has worked out pretty well, hasn't it? What next? Tanks?

Anyway, tonight I'm sitting around watching B-rated horror movies...hoping to get to the range Sunday for a little while...


Anonymous said...

I think it is poetic justice that laws enacted in England to suppress the Irish and counter their terror campaign have, instead of making England safer , have in fact made it as dangerous as Belfast at it's worst.
And they did it to themselves.
Up the Republic !
Tom Bogan

Haji said...

Doesn't surprise me a bit. I've talked to some old school Army vets that were in Germany while the Wall was still there. They routinely commented that not a day went by that they didn't hear gunfire on the Eastern side of the wall. Same thing is happening in Eggland, apparently.

Clark Kent said...

Ah, merry olde England! Where the "ladettes" - frat boys in drag - get publicly drunk and only officialdom is legally armed. Pip pip, chin up...

Chas said...

German submachine guns on British streets now, and no individual right to keep and bear arms. Britain lost WWII to the Nazis. It took a while, but they've lost.

Anonymous said...

But, but, but. . . .I thought all the EEVVIILLL GUUNNSS had been turned in or confiscated. And that we were SSAAFFEE. Why would the bobbies need to carry EEVVIILL BBLLAACCKK MMAACCHHIINNEE GGUUNNSS?? OOOHHH NNNOOO!!

/snark off
B Woodman

Will said...

I seem to recall that the Brits bought H und K a few years back.

Aaron Geisler said...

Too bad the press couldn't find a picture of police with actual MP5s.

Anonymous said...

"I seem to recall that the Brits bought H und K a few years back."

H&K was bought back by a group of German employees and investors.

It's sad, but things have actually gotten WORSE under their management than it ever was under the Brits.

At least the Brits are buying MP5's rather than that plastic UMP junk that the German management is pushing.