Thursday, October 29, 2009

Embarrassing Revelation Moment

Yes, I confess...I've been reading Robert Jordan's WHEEL OF TIME fantasy series since it's inception in 1990. In fact, a couple of years ago I went back and read all 11 volumes and the prequel, on anticipation of the climactic 12th volume.

Then Robert Jordan died...

Now 3 more volumes are on the way to finish the saga...the first, "The Gathering Storm," written by fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson from notes and outline from the master.

It should be waiting for me if/when I get back to the Secret Hidden Bunker...honestly, I can't wait, even though J only remember 3 or 4 of the zillions of characters!

-- Post From The Road


Tim Covington said...

Michael, I suggest you seek therapy. Though, this is an important first step in admitting your reading problem. I suggest picking up some good fiction (possibly in ebook format). I suggest the works of John Ringo, Michael Williamson, Travis Taylor, and Tom Kratman.

FatWhiteMan said...

Wow. Its been so long that I forgot to look for the next book. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Just finished TGS. It's pure awesome. Sanderson did a hell of a job with it.

Can't wait for the last two upcoming books in the series...

--Wes S.

David Neylon said...

I received my copy a couple of days ago. It actually seems faster paced than any of the early books. I'm not sure if that's due to Sanderson or my anticipation. :)

DonWorsham said...

I'd think with all that time you put into reading other people's books you'd finish FTG.

lonesome waiting fan.

Unknown said...

Hey Michael,

You're not alone....

I've been reading it for a few years now. I think I started when the series was on the 7th book.

When I started I thought it was a three book series. Boy was I in for a surprise.

It did start to drag, but I felt Jordan started to bring it back together in the 11th book.

I too am looking forward to seeing how book 12 is.


The real question is have you started Eric Flints' 1632 series.


I mean how many sci-fi books deal directly with the advent of firearms, their manufacture, and address the affects of what a modern day shot gun does against a man with a pike.

Than if you get really daring check out C.J. Cherryh's Merovingen Nights series. Great read...kind of lacks an ending though.

Beaumont said...

Sanderson is a heckuva writer, but I grew tired of the Wheel of Time because the plot moved...sooo...bloooody...slooooow. Throw the ring in the volcano, already! Oops...

I also recommend the "1632" series. Intelligent world-building from a bunch of gifted people. Not all excellent writers, but all interesting. Since "1632", fantasy worlds without gunpowder just seem boring.