Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get Ready for the Weekend!

Check out Zombie Tools, blades for the profoundly disturbed. I'm going to order a Zack Ax...wait...does that make me, uh, profoundly disturbed...well, never mind! You can never have enough blades! And check out the Great Zombie Invasion of 1865 in the Gallery section! Next season on COWBOYS...LOL!


Anonymous said...

You know I have heard a lot of my shooting buddies talking about Zombie attacks.

To paraphrase "I bought extra magazines (20) for when the Zombies attack" "It is a good shotgun for killing Zombies" "A baseball bat is good against Zombies"

So I am wondering if I missed something. Is, by any chance, "Zombie" a replacement code word for "Liberal"?

You know Nancy Pelosi kind of looks like a member of the "Shuffling Dead" or the "Senate". Take your pick.

Regards, Obake

Kristophr said...


Zombie is only a codeword for zombie.

Although your notion of shooting helpless liberals before they can get turned into zombies has merit.

That will be something to keep in mind during a zombie apocalypse.

Dave S. said...

The "zombie" thing is everywhere in the shooting world. It has jumped the undead shark. It has f***ed the virus-mutated chicken.

It's basically a way for people to talk hypothetically about gunning lots of other people down without feeling guilty or looking like maniacs.