Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Shoulder Holster!

Got the shoulder holster from SURVIVAL SHEATH SYSTEMS for the S&W 329PD .44 liteweight and I've been wearing it around the Secret Hidden Bunker as a fashion statement, I also wore it on today's hike with Alf the Wonder Beagle, who revels at rabbiting through deep snow. As usual, there's a bunch of strap adjustment necessary, but on the whole I'm very happy with it.

As I mentioned, we designed the rig with a knife sheath for a CRKT Ringed Razel and 2 Tuff Products QuickStrips for .44s on my strong side, with the horizontal holster for the 329 on my weak side. If you recall, the rig was designed as my universal travel gun kit. Included in the pack will be the revolver, the SSS shoulder holster, the Tuff Strips and a couple of HKS SpeedLoaders with extra ammo, a Hoffner's Mirage IWB for the N-frame and a SafePacker. The idea is that I have all sorts of options for carry and all sorts of options for ammo. The baseline ammo will be Corbon DPX .44 Specials for the gun and the speed loaders, backed up by Black Hills 240-gr JHPs in one Tuff Strip and Buffalo Bore 255-gr Keith loads in the other. That oughta cover most eventualities!

The sholder holster concealed well under a Carhartt jacket on the hike and was comfortable to wear — the big plus of the 329 is that it doesn't weigh anything.


Dan said...

How does the airweight shoot? LOL!

Geoff aka Pathfinder said...

Name dropper!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Michael, Do you mean "that" 329 that automatically engages the "child-proof" lock when you shoot it? I think that I'd settle for the "Mountain Gun" version of the 629, if it ever comes available again.
I carry a Redhawk with a 5 1/2" barrel. It's heavier, but it "tosses" Hornady 320 gr. HPs OK. 240s are really good in it. I hunt in black bear country and it seems to make sense as my woods-hiking-camping gun. I wish that I had bought a shoulder rig when they were avilable. Now, I use a Bianchi 5BHL on the belt, counter-balanced on the other side with a double speed-loader pouch and a bar of gold.
Life Member

Michael Bane said...

Obviously, you missed the "lockectomy," where using needle-nose pliers and a pair of tweezers I excised the offending lock mechanism, turning the 329 into the superb .44 Special "with privileges" that it was meant to be...and a gun I can never sell unless I put the flag back in it. The gun is GREAT with .44 Specials, and while unpleasant, the 240-gr Magnums are shootable. The 255-gr Keith loads are...a bear...but, again, they are NOT uncontrollable — I have shot them DA out of the gun, and if I was aiming at Briar Bear nipping at my but, I don't think I'd notice the recoil...

I ALWAYS drop names, so you can go look at (or even buy) the stuff on the Internet. Of the people listed, I occasionally receive discounts or even free product from some of them; Corbon is an official ammo sponsor for SHOOTING GALLERY...I went to them because 1) I've used their ammo for decades & 2) Peter Pi and Mike Shovel are friends of mine.

Of the primary products I mentioned, I bought the 329 off the S&W Forum classifieds, paid MSRP to have Jim Stroh at Alpha Precision to do the action job and the gold bead front sight, paid MSRP for the SSS shoulder holster and the CRKT knife, got a bunch of free Tuff Strips, but only after I had bought a dozen or so, tried them and plugged them on a podcast...the free ones came in the mail after that.

SSS will build you a shoulder holster for the Redhawk...I went through some revolver training at GUNSITE with a 4-inch Redhawk out of a Blade-Tech DOH, shooting Specials in it. Was Big Fun!


Anonymous said...

I really like the look of those holsters! The one you got, is that the butt-up or down configuration for the holster? What are the pro/con of those configs? Butt-down would seem easier to draw but also more likely to accidentally come out of holster?

Half X said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice one! Good review. I was looking for something like that for a friend who's been searching for a comfortable holster to wear. Thanks for sharing.

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