Wednesday, June 30, 2010




The Warrior said...

TBD = me being excited.

Anonymous said...

The new Cowboys was great. I like the new format.

Bradley said...

and still not on itunes!

Unknown said...

It was funny, I know a guy whose only handgun is a MK1 Ruger. He and I were speaking about how he could effectively use it for self defense just this weekend. Lo and behold, Rob has it on the show.

Bob said...

Yeah, Another season of shows I'll only get to hear about because I won't pay $130 a month to my cable company to get the outdoor channel.I'd love to see these shows but for some reason the outdoor channel is only available where I am if you buy the uber premium package. At least I get to see the Top Shots show because they post their episodes on HULU. Why can't the shows be made available on iTunes on a subscriber basis?

Louis said...

Yep. Another reason to hate Comcast. The only way to get the outdoor channel is to pay extra for a bunch of sports channels that I have no interest in. I end up doing it once a year when the new Shooting Gallery comes out and then catching up on reruns for the others.

Colorado School of Trades said...


Anonymous said...

I have DiecTv and pay $3.00 a month for The Outdoor Channel. They let you pick channels "ala carte". My total bill for the viewing package that I've selected is a few cents short of $64. This isn't a commercial endorsement of DirecTv, it's just "data". You can decide for yourself what's best.
Life Member

John Richardson said...

Just listened to the podcast talking about this season and was very interested in the history of famous shoot-outs. So, will you be showing the re-enactment of the shoot-out between the naked madams that you mentioned?!

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