Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Caught Up, More or Less

Sorry for the light has been a hectic few weeks. I won't go as far as saying I'm 100% caught up,, but I can at least catch my breath.

I note that Wisconsin is getting ready for CCW, leaving only the Dutchy of Illinois as the only state in the union willing to disenfranchise their citizens. The spread of concealed carry is, to me, an absolutely fascinating social noted in THE RISE OF THE ANTI-MEDIA, a book I've written extensively about, CCW is as close to unstoppable as you can get. If not this year, the the next, or the next. Forty states now have shall issue or Constitutional carry. All the others, with the sole exception of the Daley-Obama Workers' Paradise, have some kind of discretionary issuance of permits. As noted on a couple of other blogs, every loosening of concealed carry laws is followed by a now-ridiculous MSM meme about, "Blood in the streets....shootings over parking places...etc." You want blood in the street, random shootings, etc., try gun-free CHICAGO, which has categorically proven the cliche that, "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws (and the Chicago PD) will have guns."

Say Uncle had a great comment on "Fast & Furious" that he found posted on FaceBook, and I think it sums things up pretty well:

Imagine the DEA telling pharmacists to illegally sell oxycontin to known drug dealers or they would be shut down. Then imagine the DEA using the fact that more oxycontin was on the street (and hundreds of overdose deaths) as a pretext for making it harder for patients to get prescribed narcotics. This is essentially what happened with the ATF and Project Gunwalker...

Gotta go assemble my Sweetie's 10/22!


CM said...

Just wished California would move to shall issue and get ride of this "May issue" only to so call VIP's.

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