Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day @ Daniel Defense

The first thing I want to say is I love, absolutely love, the Ambush 6.8 SPC rifle! We were shooting the 16-inch version with it's free-floating barrel in a modular rail system and it's totally cool shotgun-inspired hand grip on steel at about 40-50 yards, and it was sweet. All the Ambush rifles are fitted with Geissele 2-stage triggers, essentially 2 1/2 pounds on the first stage, 2 pounds on the second. It is a world-class trigger and made running the 6.8 a breeze. We had a Leupold scope on the test gun, but DD Sales guy Joe Marler both agree that with a red dot the gun becomes just about an ideal hog/brush rifle. The Ambush clocks in at 6pounds without optics and with a Magpul MOE...not a lot of fat to be trimmed off. BTW, the barrel is threaded but does not come with a flash-hider; only a cap.

We also shot one of the Larry Vickers' spec'ed Daniel Defense carbines with an Aimpoint Mini on that great DD mount. What can you say? This is pretty much the definition of a top-of-the-line AR, and it shoots like it. Of course, I couldn't resist the 10.3-incher with the Gemtech suppressor! We should have some video up on DRTV next week.

We spent a good bit of time in the factory, especially on the barrel line. DD barrels are cold hammer forged, essentially a steel "torpedo" -- what the steel billet looks like -- that has been drilled and then mirror-honed has a carbide mandrel inserted, then the hammers shape the barrel around the mandrel, including the chamber, lands and grooves. It is very impressive, and the barrels speak for themselves.


DamDoc said...

DD has great stuff.. have an omega rail on my bcm ar... I have been very pleased with it... easy to install free float .. high quality..that and the timney trigger and eotech 512 make for a fun gun!

kmitch200 said...

How does the DD 6.8 distinguish itself from say a Remmy R25, DPMS LR, Knight SR25, etc. other than using a 'boutique' caliber?

I have a 308 R25 with a timney trigger and it is heavier, (7.75#), but I can buy ammo anywhere if needed. Not so with 6.8.
What mags will the DD unit use?

Why test a rifle at 50 yards?
Time constraints? That's still slingshot range. ;)

Michael Bane said...

kmitch...you're exactly right...we had a very narrow window and limitations on the range. plan to get ne of the DD carbines for more extensive shooting, and after shooting the Ambush carbine I'm thinking of getting one of those as well, probably in 5.56.

RE: the other 7.62 rifles...without going hugely into it in the comments, I'm a little uncomfortable with the 7.62 AR-10 platform rifles (and I'll give you that the Remington may be the best of the bunch because of its intended mission--hunting). Based on info I have from GUNSITE battle rifle courses, from military Special Forces weapons evaluators, firearm designers and anecdotal commenters, there are issues with the AR-10 platform guns (including the SR25) holding up under heavy use. Probably should be a podcast topic.

I agree totally the .308 is a more versatile cartridge than the 6.8, and at this point I'd even rather have 7.62 x 39 than the 6.8, because of ammo availability (it's that THE BEST DEFENSE/SURVIVAL thing). I also like the .300 AAC Blackout on paper, but I haven't had a chance to wring out the upper and the 200 rounds of Blackout I presently have.

Because of rifle constraints (we had a California compliant gun) we were using PRI 5-rounders and an amazingly annoying "bullet" mag release.

I'mm also looking forward to a Stag 3-gun competition rifle that's right now in the production prototype phase.


Anonymous said...

..."there are issues with the AR-10 platform guns (including the SR25) holding up under heavy use."

Duh, that is why God in invented the FAL.

Michael Bane said...

...and that's why I have an FAL, too!


Overload in Colorado said...

Did you meet the LAV?

Jerry The Geek said...

Just checked the DD website. They are "Out Of Stock" on every model they offer.

Apparently, they were either unprepared for the high demand, or their production process is unable to meet the current demand.

Oh. Those are the same thing, aren't they?

This isn't necessarily offered as a negative comment about DD. I don't blame them for putting their foot tentatively in the AR-** waters. But I do wonder when and how they will be able to 'gear up' to meet the current demand ... and whether the demand will continue at this high level.

I hope the demand remains constant, and DD can meet it in the near future.

Strike while the iron is hot.

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