Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A Dinner I Wish You Could All Have Attended!

On occasions I remember how amazingly lucky I am! We've been filming all day at The National Firearms Museum at the NRA with Joe Mantegna, wrapping up the stand-ups for GUN STORIES. Filming went just great, as with our other 2 locations.

Dinner tonight was Joe Mantegna, Joe's business parter Dan Ramm and his Wife Joanie, ace author (and GUN STORY contributor) Stephen Hunter, AMERICAN RIFLEMAN Editor (and American Rifleman TV host and GUN STORY contributor) Mark Keefe, Phil Schreier and Jim Supica (and wife Eve) from The National Firearms Museum, Lars Dalsiede from the NRA Blog, Producer/Director Tim Cremin and our great crew -- DP Rob Stookie, sound man Don Mitchell and proaction assistant Darlene Marshall.

What a great dinner! I wish you could have all been there just for the wide ranging, fascinating and occasional looney conversations.

Food was good, too!


BAC said...

I would have, but you didn't call.


halesound said...


It was a great party. Enjoyed it to the max. Great conversation, many laughs, and excellent food. Though you have know me for's Don Hale......not Mitchell. The spirits we indulged ourselves with, took effect. Your "Sound Mixer, Don

Jerry The Geek said...

Michael, I cannot believe that ANYONE could have dinner with you and not enjoy " ... wide ranging, fascinating and occasional looney conversations."

They're who you are.

DamDoc said...

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