Thursday, June 09, 2011

Colorado Sunset... to God and listen to the casual reply...

-- Post From The Road


Anonymous said...

MB, Was this taken from the secret hidden bunker? What a steller view.. Now I see why you moved from Tampa...

Tampa, FL.

nj_larry said...

You know those kind of picture postcard shots usually proceed the appearance of either space alien invasions or red Chinese troops coming to take over the USA.

nj_larry said...

that should be "precede" rather than "proceed".

GeorgeHill said...

Remember, that beautiful glow is coming from Utah.

Anonymous said...

i want to make postcard for that view and for me it is lovely and calm.

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kmitch200 said...

A sweet anymouse sentiment AND spam.
How special!
I want to make spammers lovely and calm - by putting my foot on their neck.

rick said...

Ah! The Hipshot Percussion School of Theology. I like.

Unknown said...

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