Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rumbling to a start...

...this AM, focusing on writing for THE NEW SURVIVAL GUNS, then heading for the range. I wanted to throw out some thoughts on Ruger's new 77/357 bolt-action rifle. Heaven knows in a house with two competitive cowboy action shooters in it there's no shortage of .357 rifles (2 1873 clones; 1 1892 clone, 1 Marlin). I also have a BSA Martini Cadet in .357...beautiful little gun!

Ruger 77/357

I like the idea of a reasonably priced bolt .357 as a fiercely accurate little pest rifle that could go up to deer-sized game in a pinch (and with the right ammo). I'm not a bolt-action junky like GUN STORIES and TBD Producer/Director Tim Cremin, but one of the coolest rifles I've ever shot was a Ruger 77/44, the same rifle in .44 Magnum/.44 Special with an integral suppressor (from John's Guns, I believe).

Shooting .44 Specials, the gun made virtually zero noise! No recoil either, like shooting a .22 LR.

With .44 Magnum 240-gr JHPs you got a little noise and a little recoil, but nothing significant. One thing that surprised me was that the big market for these little blasters are grounds-keepers at big golf courses...coyote and other pest removal with no sound signature to frighten (or piss off) the neighbors. With .44 Special you're not going to have the bullet go supersonic, so you're not going to get the crack you'll get with a rifle bullet from a suppressed barrel. And the 200-250 grain at less than 1000 fps .44 Special is a proven performer.

77/44 Suppressed from John's Guns

I could see the .357 77/357 with a suppressed barrel and .38 Special velocities.

BTW, I thought the 77/44 was slated for oblivion, but it's still in the catalog.

There's a good piece over at the Walls of the City blog on open carry issues in Georgia, where OC is legal as long as the gun is in a holster. It highlights something we were hammering last season on TBD -- the necessity for both civilians and law enforcement to know the laws. Open carry is a regular topic when I talk to law enforcement, and I believe there are the beginnings of a movement in LE training to address open (and concealed) carry issues. I imagine the major urban departments will fight OC down to the bitter end, the came way they obsessively opposed concealed carry.

I agree with this conclusion from Walls:
"Just like racial integration, getting people to accept law-abiding citizens openly bearing arms is going to be a long, drawn-out process, but it is an important one nonetheless, and it will invariably lead to a more free society and a country where people can make choices about how they want to keep them and theirs safe. However, until then, we will have to deal with both fellow "average" citizens and law-enforcement "professionals" who are, willfully or accidentally, ignorant of the laws of the land, and it is incumbent upon us to remain calm, cool, and collected in those situations, secure in the knowledge that we are right for lawfully exercising our Constitutionally-protected rights."


rastus said...

Maybe that 77/44 was from Curtis Higgins out of Tulsa?

nj_larry said...

It seems to me that Mr. Capone was just exercising his Constitutional right also with this .38 Special that just sold at Christie' did you snap this one up MB? LOL

Linoge said...

I think I could have phrased it a little better myself, looking back on it, but thanks for the encouragement and linkage regardless.

Until more people are made aware of the legality of open carry, we are going to continue to encounter resistance... but you are not going to make people aware of the situation without actually doing it. Bit of a Catch-22 situation, but one I feel certain we can resolve.

Dave S. said...

"Heaven knows in a house with two competitive cowboy action shooters in it"

Competitive? So it's your wife, and who else?

(Just bustin' your chops ;-)

Dave S. said...

I just picked up a new H&R Handi-Rifle in .357. With iron sights and tapped for mounts. Only $200.

The Ruger's nice, but I can drop the barrel and put in a round nearly as fast as working a bolt. And how often do you need to reload that fast anyway?

Michael Bane said...'re right! It was Curtis' gun:

I handled the John's gun later (and, I believe, a Yankee Hill version).


Jerry The Geek said...

Remember the .30-30? Remember how it has been denigrated through the decades as a 'wimp caliber'?

The .44 magnum could reasonably considered the .30-30's wimpy little brother. You know, the one who was always being slapped in the back of his head by his bigger brother?

The .357 magnum? The wimpiest little brother of the .44 magnum's little brother, the .41 magnum.

I realize that this isn't directly applicable to the SAS / "Cowboy Action" genre, but remember that ALL pistol calibers are wimps. They make great toys sometimes, but in the final analysis they're only what you use while you fight you way to your "Real Gun".

And yes, I have great affection for pistols. Real Cowboys keep them for killing snakes ... for which purpose they are also largely ineffective, unless you load the cartridges with shot.

Jerry The Geek said...

PS: I consider it fateful that my comments follow the commercial "Male Penis Enlargement" comment. Who was sufficiently cognizant that he/she entered that into a discussion about Magnum Pistols?

Hats off, Fellows!

afrodisiacos said...

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