Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Big Wedneday

Tonight's SG on suppressors has generated tons of response, almost all of it positive. That's great news, because suppressors are indeed a great tool for safety and for shooting. Period. At the very least they should be moved to the AOW list, since they're demonstrably not firearms.

BTW, I'm in my 5th month of waiting for my paper to clear on 2 suppressors.

Interestingly enough, I was looking at some data this week showing that many of you watch THE BEST DEFENSE several's got great DVR numbers. That tells me we're doing our job, because the information is compelling enough to be studied. THANK YOU, all! And thanks to the other 2 Mikes, Seeklander & Janich, and Marty Hayes, who are absolutely committed to getting it right.

The SHOT Show is out there waiting, a black hole sucking us all towards Vegas!


Anonymous said...

MB - Have fun at shot, bring me back some goodies.


Chris H. said...

Hey Mike -

Is there a on-demand option to watch The Best Defense for those of us who no longer have cable (ie amazon video or netflix)? I would pay per episode and I'm sure a lot of others would too

Unknown said...

What Chris H. said; or asked, rather. SG and The Best Defense are two of the very few things I miss since I cut the cable over a year ago.

Home on the Range said...

Yes, thank you guys, there's no one else out here like you all.

Retired Rick said...

THE BEST DEFENSE is a great show. I also DVR all the shows. The content and how it is described is easy to follow. One of the things that I notice is the everyone involved has an honest desire to teach us the correct information. Keep up the good work.
Retired Rick

Dock said...

MB I remember you did call it a "silencer" at one point in the show - do you have any position on that? (meaning, are you trying to remove "silencer" from the lexicon and use "suppressor" instead, or is it not really that big a deal to you?)

Also, I always wondered if you (the collective TV "you") had access to aggregate DVR data. Well, now I know :)

Anonymous said...


Awesome episode. AAC is one of my favorite companies in the Industry.

It was cool to see Kevin Brittingham featured prominently throughout the show. Have you heard anything inregards to his departure from AAC? I know it was all over the gun-blog-osphere last week or two.


Jason said...

Any plans on putting out some of the newer seasons on DVD? I bought TBD1 and TBD Survivial, but I'd love to get a complete set with the new seasons.


Rob Drummond said...

Great show on suppressors & great that they are made in the USA! I would love to have one on a rifle or pistol or both (SR9 & Ruger Scout lefthand would be my choice). I live in the boondocks so sound isn't really an issue. But you are so correct about it being a safety issue. I have a friend who has hearing loss due due to the loud reports of firearms.

I asked a local gun dealer how easy it would be to get one and he said might as well buy a machine gun the paper work is as completed. He also said that "each one" has to be registered that correct?

Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Anonymous said...

Have absolutely no interest in suppressors and especially having to watch a one hour infomercial on them. You make it sound like the gun world will crumble if shooters fail to get on board. That program should have been aired in the middle of the morning with all the other infomercials