Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Having Trouble Getting Back in the Harness

Of course, it could be that this is the first working day of the year and I'm swamped. I got this incredibly stupid idea thatI was going to overhaul my recording studio, which I've been tinkering together as each piece of equipment failed over the years. In fact, I have no idea how I built the thing in the first place...maybe the South Park underwear gnomes built the whole thing. I started it on a shoestring and got the cheapest stuff I could, then added an excellent Audio Technica studio mike, which has to be the only thing in the studio worth keeping. In short, about 30% of it works, which allowed me to do the podcast as long as I didn't accidentally bump anything.

You should see the wreckage now! Hopefully, I can order enough stuff tomorrow to have the studio back up at least 90% in a few days. I wish I lived next door to a sound engineer...or a miracle worker...

Anyway, about the Ruger SR22 .22 pistol...didn't get a chance to get out and shoot it today because of the aforementioned mess. It's the same size as my SR9c carry gun, which is good, as I see it as practice piece. I'd rather it was more like the SR9c in layout and with a similar fire control system as opposed to a hammer DA/SA, but hey, no one asked. The SR22 does feel good in my hand, which is a big plus. It does cry out for a threaded barrel, though. Should be an aftermarket one pretty quick. Of course, I'm in Month 5 of waiting for my silencer paper to clear ATF, so there's apparently no rush.

Since it's a Ruger, it's more likely to work than that "W" thingie so many of you will write me about. Yes, yes...I know all about the "Cult of W..." I do like my PPK/S, but the .22s I've shot have been problematic. Maybe Thursday at the range.

I got a really cool giveaway gun in the mail today...a Ruger 556 rebuilt by JP Rifles! Man, is this a nice rifle! More details when we formally announce the giveaway, which may be after SHOT.


shawn w said...

a JP Ruger giveaway sweet!
how about giving to the first to post to this blog....lol

look forward to the details, kinda like a Aston martin giveaway as i couldn't afford one of those either but drool every time i see one.

Nick the Okie said...

Listened to the podcast and after hearing you tout this mythical Mossberg "tactical" lever gun all I can say is the typical forum response... "Pics or didn't happen"! Let's see this thing already!

By the way, I really appreciated your insight on the lever action as a great defense tool. More attention should be given to the long arm that so many a cow hand and gun fighter alike took up for any fight past a few meters!

Bill said...

Regarding the SR22, why in the world would Ruger build a pistol with a backwards (up to fire) safety?! That exactly opposite of every other pistol I'm aware of, including Ruger's own SR9/40, SR1911, LC9 and the traditional Mark series of .22s. How can this translate into any better a trainer than the well established Mark I/II/III? Ruger doesn't do many dumb things but this is one.

Anonymous said...

"Since its a Ruger..."

Uh, you haven't apparently noticed, but Ruger doesn't make "Ruger" guns any longer.

Any new offering from Ruger isn't likely to be any better than the gun they copied it from.

Kristophr said...

Disagree, Anon.

Ruger does seem to have .22 lr pistols down.

Currently, if you want a good one, their 22 is one of your three choices. Hopefully their new pistol will be just as good.

Walther's offering has a tendency to break. Pot metal is a poor choice for a slide.

George said...

I have a M&P 22 pistol that is made by Walther. Before I bought one, I rented one at the range and the gun ran flawlessly. I asked the staff if they could guesstimate how many round have been fired through it. The put the number conservatively over 1,000 rounds; and they did not clean the gun! I bought one based on my experience at the range and I am very impressed!

I hope you have as much success wiht the SR22.


Anonymous said...

On the question op Ruger designs...they just announced the American Rifle. It sure does look like a Browning X bolt.

Unknown said...

Threaded barrels for Rugers SR22 pistol are available at www.TwinTechTactical.com