Friday, May 18, 2012

Marshal & the Lion

Scary, huh? Marshal Halloway goes head-to-head with Teddy Roosevelt's lion...rug. These Norwegians...actually, I think he was upset because the National Firearms Museum has the last Norwegian-made 1911, and he thinks it should go to the Last Norwegian, a.k.a., him. Good luck with that.

Take a look at the above pix...that's $5 million worth of Parker Invincibles, arguably the 3 greatest shotguns ever made in America. And you're going to see them in absolutely amazing, and pretty much unprecedented, detail when GUN STORIES Season 2 ramps up in July. Next level, baby, next level!

I have to say this is a gun I've always wanted to shoot, a .700 Nitro Express Holland & Holland. I talked at length about the guns and the cartridge with the guys at Holland when I was in London last year (I've recounted that story on the DOWN RANGE Radio podcast), and they've promised to let me shoot one when we visit Holland at some indefinite time in the future. This one is from the Robert E. Petersen Gallery and is worth substantially more than the Secret Hidden Bunker. In retrospect, looking back on the one time I met Bob Petersen, I should have thrown myself on my knees and begged him to adopt me. That would have probably worked as well as when I did throw myself on my knees and begged Sissy Spacek to run away with me.

That was back in 1980 when she'd gotten an Oscar for COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER. She was doing a photo session for some newsweekly cover with Loretta Lynn, who quipped, "That's just Michael, honey, he don't mean it." Sissy did say it was the best proposal she'd gotten that week, so hey.

The Truth About Guns notes that according to BATFE figures, sales on suppressors continues it's rocket-like trajectory upwards. It should, considering how hard we're all driving the meme (which happens to be true) that silencers are SAFETY DEVICES, no different than the ear and eye protection we all use on the range. At the very least, silencers should be moved to the AOW category, which is a $5, rather than a $200, tax stamp. BTW, now that I'm home for a time, I'll be picking up my 2 .22 suppressors that have cleared after a 7 month wait.  Both are from my pals at Tactical is the last of the Ruger Charger pistol integrally suppressed barrels; the other one of their excellent Cascade silencers.

My goal is an itty bitty very quiet 10/22 SBR like this classic "Red Rocket" pix from a while back:

When I get some spare money (hahaha!) I'll filed the paper work to SBR the Charger (another $200 for that stamp!), and in another 6 or 7 months I can build the little shooter up. The Cascade is for a bunch of my .22s that already have threaded barrels.


Neil said...

I really need to visit there as well. Thanks for showing us these.

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