Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chicago...America's Own Little Mogadishu

There were 3 interesting stories on Real Clear Politics this AM about the festering pustule that is Chicago. The first, from City Journal, tracks how Chicago has gone from being the center of an urban revival to just another piece of "flotsam" circling the bottom of the bowl. The title of the article itself is interesting: "The Second-Rate City?"

The other 2 articles were about the favorite pastime of Chicago youth...beating the crap out of innocent people. From the Chicago Tribune:
"I saw the mob of them ... young teenagers, tweeners between 13 and 15 years old, like young kids you'd see at the mall," the doctor said. "The thing I remember clearly was that they were enjoying frightening people. They went after a food delivery man on a bike. Then they went after me. It was like 'Lord of the Flies.'
"And then they hit me with something, a hard blunt object on the back of the head, and I went down," the doctor said.
The other story, from the Sun-Times, somewhat agonizingly explains that the apparently endless examples of Chicago mob violence isn't about race, but rather "random acts of terrorism" brought on by the fact that the little darlings have too much testosterone and no jobs.

And BTW, Chicago is on track to become the most dangerous city in America, homicide-wise...I suppose those homicides are "random acts of terrorism" as well.

Hmmmmmmm...I wonder what might put a dent into these "random acts of terrorism?" I'm thinking "harsh language" is probably not the right answer.


Anonymous said...

Just say "NO" to random acts of violence. Then pull the trigger.


Anonymous said...

Too much testosterone and no jobs? Bullsh_t! It's their CULTURE!

I live just north of the "Murder Capital", Detroit. Unemployment is high there, but also in neighboring cities and suburbs. So is testosterone flow.

Just eight (8) miles north, is the city of Sterling Heights, population approx' 150K. It has typically been either the safest city in the nation, or the runner-up, for many consecuitive years running, including the last to be rated. So is Livonia, just a hop to the west. Sometimes they switch ranking.

I lived I Detriot and went to church there- no more. I lived and worked in Sterling Heights for over 17 years and worked in Livonia for another six. What's the difference between them all? The culture! It is not about race, but culture. The big-city, urban socialist culture happens to be one of entitlement and irresponsibility; take it if you want it, even if it doesn't belong to you. Conversely, the suburban culture has been one of working hard for what you have, raising your kids to do better than you did and having a sense of personal responsibility. I can go on and on about the other differences too.
Macomb County, where Sterling Heights is located, was also one of the first counties in Michigan to adopt "shall-issue" CPLs. Detroit fought that too.

In the township where I now live, the young males have an abundance of free-flowing testosterone too. I gauge that by watching my own son and his 'Scouting buddies. They put their hormones to use by hunting, fishing, biking, shooting, hiking, helping and working, studying and generally bettering themselves. They even keep their spirits up and continue working even when the "Takers" threaten to take what they earn. They're still proud to be "Makers".

On the other hand, the general feeling in Detroit is "Give me some of that Obama money"; as was actually recorded after the "Stimuus" (Pork-u-lus) bill was put into effect and money started to flow to buy the votes of constituents.

The left can continue to lie, but they will never be able to cover it up.

Life Member

nj_larry said...

MB you often make the remark that we are primates when you're talking of reflect, response/reactions, etc. I suggest that to understand what is going on with these yoots (my accent is showing LOL) you read the following: Men in Groups by Lionel Tiger. Here is a link -

The gist of the argument is that men, as opposed to women, have a need to form groups and a hierarchy. It is all the primate wiring that we carry with us. All the primate hunter evolution of a couple of million years. Young males with 20x the hormones coursing thru them. Hence socially acceptable men groups like the military or the choir at church or whatever else, satisfy our DNA. These channel our energies in a positive direction. Give us a pecking order we respect and function in. We pin medals on Navy SEALS who do the dirty work of a nation for us. We love the coach and his football team. When a culture (just like Life Member said) has NO STRUCTURE, no adult males to impose discipline, as in those festering ghetto's of urban American, and elsewhere, you simply get the DNA expressing itself in Lord of the Flies ways. Gangs, cliques, whatever you want to call them, pop up. Usually with primitive self gratification as the driver. Pleasure, power, and their own hierarchy forming over time. Biker gangs, the Zetas etc. Its all the same expression of the twisted protein from eons ago.

Post WWII Europe and its destruction had several years of something akin to Madmax. Displaced persons, war traumatized and hungry males did things that were shocking to say the least. Once order started to occur the "bad" stuff quieted down.

Back here, none of this is new really. Back many moons ago in NYC there was a cop named Tony Bouza (you can WIKI him, he's bounced around the country). High in rank and very smart IMHO, he was head of the Bronx division. When yoots rioted around Yankee Stadium and did the same as the article describes, beat up folks, robbed them etc. He told the city point blank that they have to understand that there are "feral children" out there. That the job of the police was to make them invisible to the respectable folks. Well that didn't go over well with the limo liberals of the city government. Even though his own politics are quite left wing. So he had to move on. It stuck with me all these years. He was absolutely right. There is a significant percent of the young population that are without constraints. Yeah it makes great sound bites to shout CCW as a solution, but the reality is that if the society and its culture is so devoid of structure and discipline for them, they will remain present among us. An ugly subculture that threatens the peace and lives of all others. We can only put so many folks in prison before it becomes a joke. We are up to something like 2 million now. We have to start rethinking what this country is all about.

Overload in Colorado said...

Saw an article on Chicago that stated there are 100,000 gang members in the city.

Anonymous said...

@ nj Larry - Your comments might just be the most insightful I've read in quite sometime. If only Chicago's elected officals (and those of NY, Detroit, Miami & a dozen other cities) had the courage - as opposed to the political/career-minded aspirations that trumps all else - to see the reality before them, and deal with it accordingly. Only then will our cities ever begin to improve.
Meanwhile, we must be pacified with smaller soft drinks and low-salt, low-butter popcorn as a substitute for true wisdom.
Thx nj Larry. I've been to both NYC & Chicago - both more than 30 yrs ago - and I told myself I'd never go back. And I haven't. Your words are both chilling and truthful - and, unfortunately fall on deaf ears of the politically righteous. So for now, CCW is our last refuge - though it too be frought with perils.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, 200 Chicago cops are being taken off the streets this weekend to provide security for a wedding that Barack Hussein Obama is attending.

Anonymous said...

Thanks NJ Larry,

I hope that I wasn't inarticulately making a sound-bite that CCW is a solution. If I did, I appologize for my poor use of words. I was offering the reference as a reality check (aimed at the liberal thinkers) that shall-issue CCWs didn't contribute to a hand-wringing prediction of a crime increase.

I agree with your point that we have the establishment of a "Lord of the Flies" type of social structuer here. Someone needs to "swat" the flies!

Life Member

nj_larry said...

@LifeMember...yes I understood your point. I was just kindof expanding on it. We talk the same language trust me. I though like to circle up to the 20 or 30 thousand foot level on topics for a better understanding of what is really going on. I have no problemo with CCW as a smart choice of folks faced with a disintegrating society. That is the tactical, mano a mano solution. But when you're looking at a 300 million population or even a Western Civilization of a 1 billion you have to understand what is driving all this crap. Why people are behaving like they do. CCW isn't going to fix it for half the world.

For 40 or 50 years I've been hooked by the field called Sociobiology. Guys like Robert Ardrey as a popularizer back in the 1960's brought it to my attention. EO Wilson was one of the prime researchers. Lionel Tiger, Desmond Morris and Konrad Lorenz are other early ones. They all point to us being evolved animals that carry a ton of baggage. A point they make is that young males are great to have on the African veldt chasing down antlered things, but in an iPhone world they can be dangerous. This is why I am such a big advocate of the universal draft. It violates all my libertarian beliefs but there has to be a way to socialize these "feral children", and keep them captive for a few years as the testosterone burns off without having to put them in jail after bad things happen.

But in sum, I am not arguing against CCW or anti-gun. Just putting things in perspective as best I can do. Just sharing ideas...Always open to other thoughts....