Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Back @ Home

So I am apparently continuing my streak of "shooting great right up until the big match, then reverting to less-than-good on Race Day." No train wrecks or massive failures at the wonderful Colorado state cowboy championships, The Rocky Mountain Regional Raid, Friday and Saturday in Byers, CO, but I was chased around the range being pecked by the Ducks of Mediocracy for 2 days. I had 3 -- count 'em! -- rifle misses in the match. Three! By way of comparison, I haven't had 3 rifle misses in the last year. Obviously, Michael needs to do some reconstructing on rifle technique.

Had a wonderful time, though...great posse of good friends. Am now 3 weeks out from the regional championships, Hell on Wheels in Cheyenne. The great thing about competition is there is always redemption.just around the corner!

Light blogging will likely continue as my Sweetie and I have visitors at the Secret Hidden Bunker. I suspect there will be mountain biking, as said Sweetie wants to break in her new Trek Mamba. I'm also going to be running a shooting class for our visitors one day.

BTW, here's an article on the Power Line blog I think everyone should read, Some Thoughts on Guns and Civil Rights:

If freedom lives in the hearts of the people, courts and other authorities will most likely fall into line eventually. If it doesn’t, no document, not even the Constitution, will be enough to preserve rights that are under attack.

Should be words to live by. We have preserved gun rights because we held those rights in our hearts. Now, with so much of the Constitution under attack -- Drones, anyone? -- the most important thing for us is that we have to believe in the Founders' vision of America.


Anonymous said...

That every man or woman be armed remains a radical idea. The truth of this reality must reside in ourselves because no government will ever truly respect it.

Anonymous said...

"That every man or woman be armed remains a radical idea"?

The "idea" may have become a concept that some might consider to be radical today, but when the Constitution was drafted and in the years after that, it was mostly a daily practice. I say mostly, because not everyone felt a personal need to "carry", or have access to guns during those times. That was only because they were adequately protected by those private citizens that did have them.

The idea that we as individuals should allow ourselves to be disarmed and depend on a police force that is empowered only to protect the public at-large from general harm, is a truly radical idea! Police protection does nothing to protect our freeedom.

Life Member

DamDoc said...

WHAT HAPPENED TO FRANK JAMES?.. he had a signing off entry that I could not download.. and it looks like his blog in now totally removed... too bad!.. enjoyed the read!

Michael Bane said...

Hopefully, Frank will be coming to DRTV for some guest appearances...