Sunday, June 03, 2012


My run in the top 10 finishers/division winner in local cowboy matches came to a screeching halt yesterday in Cheyenne when I got a leeeetle bit sloppy and dropped what should have been an easy pistol shot...the 5 second miss penalty bumped me down to 13 out of 60, 2nd in my division. Strangely enough, I felt a little awkward on the shouldering the rifle...not totally sure what that's about. I'm going to spend some time this week on the range working drills in advance of the Colorado State Champioships next weekend. Looks like my focus will be on the rifle, with some Bill Drills for the revolvers.

RE:The Leupold CQ/T, the circle/dot reticle set-up isn't optimal for my permanently damaged right seems to prefer some sort of crosshairs with an illuminated center dot. I guess most of is frustration that I dont have the vision of a 20 year-old...LOL! If you recall, I had a vicious battle with shingles that settled into the nerves around my right eye a few years back...After many many thousands of dollars (non-reimbursed, on my self-employed person's health policy) and literally years battling the shingles and a plethora of site effects, I ended up having both lenses replaced, but not before my right retina had been permanently scarred. I shot left-handed for a long time, but went back to my dominant right eye after the lenses were replaced.

I plan to work wih the CQ/T for a month leading up to the Crimson Trace Night 3-Sun shoot in July and see if the familiarity helps.


Bob said...

Sounds like you would like the Firedot SPR reticle in the Leupold VX-R patrol 1.25-4 and the new Leupold VX6 1-6

Michael Bane said...

I have a VX6 1-6 on order now...


Crafter said...

Have you thought of a scope with a German #4 reticle? I have the Nikon Monarch African on my FAL because it gives me crosshairs for the distant shots with the 3 heavy posts for close up shots.