Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saturday Match Results!

Shot yesterday at Pawnee Station near Ft. Collins, a big club with a solid roster of excellent shooters. Going back over my scores at Pawnee over the last year, I can see I've had more trouble at that club than others in the area.

I'm (very) happy to say that after my decidedly mediocre performance in the state championships last weekend, I was able to put together my best match at Pawnee, and maybe my best ever. I finished up 13th out of 86 (4th in my division, which tells you how competitive the club is...the new state champion won the division in 4th place overall).

More importantly, I "found" a level of speed for my raw times I've been working toward...4 of 6 stages were under 30 seconds, including a blistering 23 seconds run for 10 rifle, 10 pistol and 4 shotgun. The other 2 stages were 30 and 31 seconds. Not saying I'm gonna be able to be the all the time, but it gives me something solid to build on.

Sort of reminds me of "draft training" back when I did triathlons. Occasionally we'd have a friend drive his pick-up along county roads at specified speeds while we'd draft behind him...essentially "teaching" our body how it felt to ride at that speed. My challenge is to not slip back into my comfort zone, which'll be hard with the  big regional match, Hell on Wheels in Cheyenne in 2 weeks.

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