Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Great Day @ Colt

Cool time at Colt yesterday! That's me on the Colt M2012 .308 bolt gun they announced at NRA, BTW, which is one sweet rifle! It's dangerous to put me next to a stock of ammo!


Claymore said...

Bet I know where that was taken....... It's got to be the Connecticut State Police range in Simsbury. I know because I shot at that range for 29 years. And myself and some other troopers made a video for Colt (on our off time) advertising right there back in the late 80's. movi

nj_larry said...

MB, if you don't mind, keep us up to date on the fire situation in Colorado. Was watching the TV (always a bad thing to do ) and it looks like Colorado Springs is in a world of hurt. Now they are talking about Boulder in pre-evac alert. Believe your up that way so hope someone is minding the store while your gallivanting about.