Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A Mixed Day...

...we're having some work done in the kitchen of the Secret Hidden Bunker, so the day was sort of scattered. I spent some time with the new Check-Mate mags for the Para Carry 9...the notch needed to have a few thousandths shaved off the top to latch properly. While I was at it, I broke the gun down, cleaned and lubed it and even remembered how to put it back together. I'll take it to the range tomorrow and see how the new magazines work. Mostly though I want to focus on my 1873 Winchester clone and make sure I'm seating the rifle dead bang on my shoulder every single time.

Interesting blogpost over on my friend Caleb's Gun Nuts Media on why he does what he does -- shoot, compete and write about it. In truth, I still love competition...I guess it's in my blood. I put a lot of time, focus and, yes, money in my cowboy action shooting, and it thrills me to move up in the ranks. Still, in the end for me it has always been the guns. I'm fascinated by the hardware, the ballistics, the challenge of each different weapon, the incredible people I'm met. As the years have passed, I've also seen more and more of my focus shift to self-defense and the martial arts aspect of firearms. I always figured the best line about what I do came from the Charles Remington character (played by Michael Douglas) in THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS:

"My story is, somebody invented gunpowder, and I rode it around the world..."


Henny from the DRTV Forum said...

Any day there are strange people working in your house is a mixed day!

Thanks for reminding me of that excellent quote from what was my son's favorite movie when he was a little boy. I'm very fortunate that quote is the story of my life too!

Anonymous said...

I think anyone who is a reasonably serious competitor remains one throughout life. While a motorcycle accident gave me a bad knee that doesn’t allow running, I fall back on my Bullseye experience to “take out” my targets at our local IDPA club. Shooting at 25-50 yds still seems natural, plus I get to use 2 hands and those really are big targets! LOL So if the scenario allows it, I put those skills to use. I don’t win squat due to times and don’t expect to, but I get the satisfaction of knowing I can do something that the others think is hard. I notice the same shift you mention. As a teenager, small bore, 20-30s High Power and Bullseye, pistol silhouette 30-40, Skeet and Trap throughout all this. Only in my 50s and 60s did I turn to the “defensive” based sports. At this point, the only person I am competing against is myself, but it is still satisfying not to come in last!

nj_larry said...

Just a moment to thank all those who 68 years ago slogged into cold waters off France to save a world. God Bless you all. A tear filled read is the Prayer that FDR gave over the radio to a different nation than today.