Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Best Post-Apoc Advice...

...I've read in a while, from Manolo's Shoe Blog, no less (via InstaPundit):

In the post-apocalyptic future, the Manolo expects the survivors to be exceedingly well-shod for the first few years, after which, we will have to make do with old Birkenstocks and burlap bags. It will be like living in the Middle Ages again, only without the benefit of people who are handy with tools.


Kristophr said...


Cut tire tread makes a great sole.

Skinned hippie makes a good upper.

Kristophr said...

And you can use hippie brain to tan that hide.

Tom from Roanoke said...

What makes you believe you can find enough hippie brain to tan anything?

kmitch200 said...

What makes you believe you can find enough hippie brain to tan anything?

You don't need "useable" neurons, just mass. Even burned out ones should do fine. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, there will be no shortage of people that are skilled with tools. Some of us still know the art of shoe repair and some still know how to actually make them. I grew up on a farm and we had a full shoemaker's tool set and all of the needed supplies. My grandfather, who raised my dad during the depression, showed me how it was done. If I wanted to continue to wear my boots, I needed to know how to repair them myself.

These new cobblers will help a new naturally emerging free-market economy grow and flourish, just as it did since the beginning of man's time. There will be carpenters, farmers, seamstresses, blacksmiths, toolmakers, etc.; AND gunsmiths. Their fees will be payable in food and other "goods". Everyone will find that there is something that they can do to "earn a living". No socialist ideals will cause any other system to rise and survive, as they have never been able to do so. Slackers will starve. When someone comes to confiscate what isn't rightfully theirs in these new economies, they will be treated consistent with what was "doled-out" in past history. There won't be any liber justices to protect them and "justify" organized thievery. Things might actually improve under less "civilized" conditions.

Life Member

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