Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Week That's Going Faster Than It Should...

I'm really excited that our President, Barack Hussein Obama, is waging war on coal...maybe we can shut down these smelly, noxious offenses to Mother Gaia..and get rid of all this...what do you call it..oh yeah! Electricity! I hope we can get the new off-grid Secret Hidden Bunker up and running before the Fed manages to limit electricity to a couple of days a week, unless you're a libertarian, in which case you get a small stack of firewood, six matches and an IRS audit.

Got the Colt 901 back together today with the new Geissele 3-Gun trigger (really nice single stage trigger pull!) and a new Leupold Fire Dot 1.5-4 in a Burris PEPR mount. Tomorrow I'll hammer it out at the range. The only 7.62 I've got a lot of (read: 200 rounds) is Federal 168-gr match. Maybe some 147-gr ball. Wish me luck.

The Benelli Nova is in transit. Even if I get it Friday I'll shoot it Saturday...do as I say, not as I do...LOL! I'm okay with the birdshot, but the slugs will be close my eyes and guess.


Anonymous said...

Michael Bane,

Thank you for writing this blog. I always find it well written, intelligent and from the heart. I appreciate what you do here and just want to say thanks.

I wait eagerly for the day he, O-zero, will no longer be in the White House.

Keep up your excellent blog and other worthwhile endeavors.

Santa Fe was awesome, O'Farrell is an very nice hat store.

Mike W.

DamDoc said...

Looks like you need to get that 1050 setup to print up some .308! They are down to about a 2 month waiting period for dies..

Bubblehead Les. said...

Hmmm. Interesting. Here's some Blogfodder for you. You say you only have 200 rounds of .308 left.

For how many Firearms?

So just for Discussion, let's say the SHTF, and what you have on hand is all you are going to get for the foreseeable future. How many Firearms will have to sit in the Gun Safe and slowly rust because their Gas Tanks are empty? How many can you hand out to Trusted Family and Friends who show up?

This ties in with the "Hoarders" Post you put up. I'm currently giving Friends a "Wake Up Call" who keep showing me their latest Firearm in "X" Caliber, but they only have "Y" amount of rounds. I ask them "So you have another Mouth to Feed. Do you have Ammo for it?"

Which REALLY stinks, because there are some Fine Firearms For Sale in my neck of the woods, some of which are (accounting for iInflation) are actually Cheaper than when BHO was Anointed. But there's no Ammo to feed them.

Food for Thought.

jerry from upstate New York said...

As per your last podcast-- purchased a model 629 last month and just went out to test it. First there are NO 44spc. in upstate New York! Had to buy Winchester white box 240 soft points. casings and cylinder were really smoked up and black even a ring of black around the base of the casing after 15 or 20 rounds. normal??


jerry from upstate New York said...


PS: checked gap on cylinder .002 to .004 so that seems good!


Michael Bane said...

Yeah, pretty common with the White Box...it seems dirtier to me than, say, the Black Hills 240s (which I was lucky enough to buy a case of several years ago).

les, good point. I have 3 (count 'em) boxes of the Hornady Superformance 165-gr .308 that I shoot out of the Ruger GUNSITE Scout Rifle. It'll shoot anything, of course, but it's sighted for and really, really likes the Superformance.

I assume that specialty/exotic caliber firearms are just that and destined to live in the safe if things get really really tight. Before we can talk about stocking up on ammo, we have to do what amounts to a Pareto analysis on what guns we should choose as our "fallbacks." For me, those are the AR-15 in 5.56, the Ruger SR-9 in 9mm, the Remington 870 12 gauge and the Ruger 10-22 .22 LR. I keep a lot of .45 ACP on hand, because I love to shoot the 1911...as much as I love to shoot the 1911, I'm going to default to a striker-fired polymer-framed modern service pistol for their durability, reliability and ease of service.