Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Got the Colt Sighted In...

...all good (1 inch high @ 100 yards). Wish I had a couple of more "Xs" on the scope — it's a Leupold Firedot 1.5-4X, a really nice scope, BTW — or my eyes from 20 years ago. I also picked up the Benelli Nova today...I'll get a Nordic tube on tomorrow and run a bunch of rounds through it; hopefully I'll get a chance to see where it's hitting with slugs.

Here's an article I strongly recommend everyone read. It's the case for gun rights...from the Left. It's long, but read the whole thing. Here's a sample:
The only item on the list of anathematized “assault weapons” features that can be construed to have any significant functional value in this kind of mass shooting incident is the magazine. If you imagine that banning 100-round magazines will be helpful, go ahead. But be aware that a knowledgeable shooter wouldn’t use one; the Colorado movie shooter was taken down because he used a 100-round magazine, which jammed, as they are known to do. A shooter with a 30- or 10-round magazine, or even with a revolver and speedloaders, will still kill a whole lot of unarmed people. And legally limiting magazine capacity to seven bullets is just silly, as Gov. Cuomo found when he realized he had outlawed police handguns. (Of course, he’ll re-write the law to make an exception for those armed agents of the state.) A magazine is also a very easy item to fabricate (as guns themselves soon will be via the 3D printer). Trying to stop mass shootings by outlawing large-capacity magazines is like going after lung cancer by outlawing big cigarette cases.
Last line is a good line, and one that I'll happily steal.

BTW BTW, today and yesterday are the anniversary of the Battle of Little you may recall, Custer lost. I've always believed it was a case of a pretty good general — Custer — meeting up with a truly great general — Crazy Horse.

Charles Russell's magnificent painting on Custer's Battle

If you've never walked the Custer battlefield, it is a very powerful and moving place. Ghosts walk that land, and it is sacred.


Anonymous said...

We need to be careful that we don't keep getting caught-up in the "Yeah but, low capacity guns are just as lethal" conversation. Of course guns can be lethal. That's what they're designed to be in some cases. Continuing the "magazine" capacity debate solves nothing.

The debate needs to ALWAYS move to preventing killers from doing what they're "designed" to do. In some cases, it takes a gun to do that.

Life Member

Tim Covington said...

Michael, I have to disagree with you on Custer. He completely disregarded scouting reports and chose to outpace his best force multipliers (Gatling guns and other artillery) because he believed his own hype. Custer was a perfect example of a paper hero. The newspapers loved him. Other generals thought he was mediocre at best.

Mike said...

That Leupold Firedot is really a great scope for 3 gun. I wish it went to six and down to 1 but for the price, it does everything a man could ask for and provides a good value.

The Custer Battlefield is one of those experiences that I will not forget. We visited on a whim, as my wife and I were moving across the country. Well worth anyone's time if they are in the area.