Monday, June 24, 2013

Margarita Monday!

Carazon Reposada, Grand Marnier, lemon juice and just a hint of agave nectar...the perfect gold margarita! My Sweetie and I matched it with grilled salmon with two sauces (#1, roasted tomatillo, red onion and garlic combined with cilantro, chipotle peppers and honey and #2, ancho pepper blended with dijon mustard and honey) with grilled asparagus. Darned good, and easy to prepare...secret to fresh salmon (at least, for me) is 4 minutes skin side on a hot grill, followed by 2 minutes. Don't overcook!

I haven't linked to a lot lately, but in case you're running short of morons this week, let me suggest this week's Dim Bulb, David Myles, dumb as a sack of rocks:
I understand that most gun owners live in the murky, scary world of criminals, rapists, and “commies who run our government” and I pity them for the utter terror in which they walk through the world. But I am tired of innocents dying to maintain their false sense of security. Aren’t you? The real problem is that quaking gun owners, hiding in their military-style bunkers oiling and stroking their rifles with soft velvet hands, with their fear of attack and violence, and obsession with the fact that they have no reason with which to face the world, are supporting policies that are killing our community’s men, women, and children, and ultimately, even themselves.
What can I say? Do you trust America in the hands of someone like Mr. Myles?


JohninMd.(too late?!??) said...

Might I answer with a polite, soft-spoken "Aww,_HELL_ naw!"

Anonymous said...

Mr. Myles sounds like just another weak urban-socialist male. He uses projection to try to insult us, when in reality, he is using his weak lily-white hands to "stroke" his equally weak ego. He doesn't get it that he can't insult us. We're too strong for that. He also doesn't get it that he doesn't know what he's talking about at all. To blame gun owners for the crimes of murderers and thieves is actually amusing. It is also sad and scary.

He doesn't have the spinal fortitude to accept and stand up to the real root cause of crime; liberal rationalization of entitlement, no personal accountability, all supported by zero possibility of harsh penalties.

We need to continue to stand united against what he stands for. If those like him get there way, just think what America will become. It will become "lawless", even though it will be smothered with laws.

Life Member

DamDoc said...

So... another one on the recall list!.. great work out there in CO!

Waddy said...

The numbers on the recall for Giron were closer than they were for Mindless Morse, but the good people of Giron's are coming through!! Just like Mindless Morse, Giron has tried every smear tactic in the book and been caught red-handed. They deserve everything they get! Too bad Hickenstupor can't join them on the recall list.

"gunner" said...

this guy is a case of galloping paranoia if ever there was one. i'm a gun owner, long time, and i don't live anywhere near the world he describes.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I hope that this guy is so Anti-Gun that he never calls 911 for help, because a "Man with a Gun" (i.e., the Police) might show up and disturb him while he's having "Reasonable Discourse" with the Goblin who's Raping his Kids.

But like 99% of the Anti-Gunners, it's just FINE for the Police to have Guns.

Maybe we should just call a Spade a Spade: These people aren't Anti-Gun, they're Pro-Cowardice.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely great fiction. . When's the book and movie coming out? He should win some literary award. As good as Hemmingway.


Rastus said...

So about 100 million people killed by their own governments last century and less than another 40 million in the same time period with 2 nukes, 2 World Wars and other miscellaneous conflicts.

Yeah...nothing to fear here. 75% of those murdered by their governments were Communist regimes.

Sure, all I want is for the government to have all of guns.

I guess he feels good saying it...he needs to grow up there is evil in the world.