Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Tequila Tuesday!

My favorite 30-30 Reposado, Patron Orange Liquer and lemon juice...along with chili-rubbed halibut and my Sweetie's trademark Spanish rice.

Today was a push push push...lot of stuff had to get done by end of business day, and, miraculously, I just slid under the wire. I am looking forward to a long-range rifle class with the Ruger SR762 end of March, and the Crimson Trace/GUNSITE 250 pistol class in May. I'm thinking of using the Ruger Match Champion revolver in the GUNSITE class...I've never shot the 250 class with a revolver, and I think it might be instructive (as in how much I don't know).

I'm also thinking about going to the ICORE World Revolver Championships in June for SHOOTING GALLERY 2015. We haven't been to ICORE in a while, and it's time to go back, I think.What put me in the revolver mood was a phone call from my old running buddy Paul Erhardt, who outlined his plans for shooting ICORE and writing about it for the SHOOTING WIRE. Looked like it might be fun. Plus, I'm getting a lot of requests for information on revolvers for self-defense...interesting! Why should that be? Maybe because Gun Culture Ver. 2.0 has now had a couple of years shooting guns, and they've discovered that revolvers, with their one single manual of arms — pull the trigger — seem more and more attractive.

I think I have a semipermanent cold...my nose is never...let me repeat,never...going to stop running. I can't be allergic to something...it's, like, 7 degrees below zero. Nothing is alive out there. Just snow snow snow. And yet, I sneeze as if I'm in Kansas in the spring. Sucks massively. I've been reading a novel from Bernard Cornwall on 1356...it's grim and it keeps me awake at night. It also makes me think I'd like to write historical fiction when I finally run out of steam on television.

Which, I hope, isn't soon. Am working on the pilot of a new reality show, which I'll show you when I can. I think it's a hit, but, of course, I'm largely deluded. I still have an African hunt scheduled for June. Not that far away...not that far away...hang on...


bluesun said...

There can still be mold issues in the dead of winter, just fyi. Loving all the revolver love--looking at buying a GP100 soonish.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of writing...how goes "The NEW Survival Guns"?

Will said...

If you have a heater system, check the filters.
Eyeball every ceiling for mold.
Mold can be black, brown, green, yellow, and pink.
Check for soft walls from internal piping leaks.
Maybe something froze and broke?
Clothes dryer vent leak?
Clothes washer leaking?

New soaps/perfumes, or something else you may have changed?

Roof leak into the attic/insulation space?

Sheepdog1968 said...

For those of us in CA, semiauto pistols have a number of burdens placed upon the in the state. The latest that is finally happening is that all new semiauto pistols must leave an engraving on the spent casing spent pistol case. Mostly by having serial number engraved on tip firing pin. Models of semiautos we used to be able to buy are falling off the approved list.

I can see where this will result in more revolver sales since they don't need this feature. I'm guessing New York reloads and carrying multiple pistols will be making a huge come back as well. Nice to revisit the 1930s all over again.

Of course theses laws in ca do nothing to help solve crimes.

nj larry said...

You have to appreciate the perspective of a company that has been run continuously by the family for over 500 years. I just read this open letter published in the Washington Times from the President of Beretta explaining their move from Maryland to Tenn. It is well, how do I say it? "Bellismo"