Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Thoughts...

"The past and the future are fights to the death"

—"Ava Crowder," as played by Joelle Carter

A voice-over day in the studio, along with the Wednesday podcast. Just finished the final voice work for this season;s SHOOTING GALLERY — our 2 episodes for Israel and IWI. They're pretty good…I so wish we had, like, 4 episodes.

I got my McRee's Precision rifle, built on my old FNH, last weekend! I'll have an initial report for you this weekend. Then I'll order a bucketload of Federal 168-gr match .308. Right now, I'm going to an old Burris Black Diamond 8-32X, an oldie but a goodie, and a Harris bipod and see how things go.

Otherwise,if you're looking for something fun and uplifting to read, let me refer you to Matthew Bracken and his essay When the Music Stops, from back in 2012. Of course, nothing like this could ever happen in Obama's and Eric Holder's America!


DamDoc said...

What was deleted as sunday's thoughts? I feel like i missed a great rant!

Unknown said...

I love your hat. Where can I get one?

Unknown said...

I have no fear of death.
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