Saturday, July 23, 2016

I Think It's Saturday

My Sweetie left me all alone today so she could go shoot a 3-Gun match. Sigh. I can't take a knee or get up from prone in less than a day, so no 3-Gun this summer. I'll probably shoot a cowboy match next weekend, and I'm looking forward to the next USPSA match. No running and gunning, but at least pulling the trigger.

(Courtesy OUTDOORHUB; read the article…it's funny…and may save your life!)

The damn deer have sacked our garden, twice today. Last year we had no problems until fall, and that was small stuff. So we got cocky. We'd got a bunch of various and sundry anti-deer stuff that we thought worked…HA!  So we've got temporary wire up, and we'll work on something more permanent tomorrow. Meanwhile, we left a surprise on a couple of sacrificial plants, jalapeno spray cut with ghost pepper salt. Lick it off, little fellows! That probably won't work, ether. I have several things here that I know will work, most of them beginning with a .4, but it's not season. Plus, my Sweetie has an "absolute prohibition" on annoying the mulies here on the Secret Hidden Bunker Ranch. There are a couple of pretty impressive bucks who live here. They'll probably be here long after I'm gone.

I'm agonizing a little bit over the .338 Ruger Frontier Scout project. It's got a typical Ruger forward mount using Ruger rings. I'm not crazy about Ruger rings, and the rail can be replaced with a Weaver/Picatinny. I'm going to mount the Leupold Scout and see how I like it on the Ruger rail. Also agonizing over bottom metal, leaning toward converting the Frontier to magazine-feed...


Miguel GFZ said...

You cannot go wrong with a properly identified & labelled mine field.
Deer can't read.

gunman42782 said...

Just curious just why you don't care for Ruger rings. I have always thought they where great!

Anonymous said...

Your orthopedic better be listening to your PT! If you don't feel that you're being sadistically tortured, you're not working hard enough!

WAL said...

Like gunman, I too would be interested in hearing about your history with Ruger rings. Mine has been trouble free for almost thirty years.

Anonymous said...

As an old-school Toolmaker, Ruger's rings are the soundest method of aligning the sight, or scope mount to the receiver, short of having the scope tube as part of the gun, which is very impractical. The only equal would be Weaver mounts machined right into the receiver's metal. Sako also has a system that is similar, but their own proprietary design. It's the joint between the receiver and other screwed-on mounts that add the additional potential to move "on the screws". As I've written here before, one of the rules of "tool making" and engineering is that YOU "NEVER LOCATE ANYTHING ON A SCREW THREAD". And oh, by the way, I don't consider a screwed-on "Scout"-Mount as a true "dovetail" mount.

Many users do complain about Ruger's lack of diversity in mount heights, off-sets, etc. On that front, I will agree. I'm surprised that Ruger has not addressed this fully. I thought that I'd see the day where Ruger's patent would finally run out and the design would become "public domain" and everyone would be using them.

So Michael, as our Number One, Go-To Ruger guy, why don't you aks- 'em 'bout all that?

Life Member

NJ Larry said...

Life....dang it, what happened to Duct tape and Dremel tools? Real American ingenuity is being lost to store bought solutions ! LOL....

Michael Bane said...

RE: Ruger rings…mostly because of the nature of what I do, I tend to move scopes from gun to gun more than I ever used to. My life is easier if everything is mountable on Weaver/Picatinny rails. I just leave the rings on he scope and move it to whatever position I need it on the rail. I have gobs and gobs of different Weaver/Pic rings in all sizes…if I root around in my rings bin I can find something for anything….22s, 1 inch, 30mm, even 34mm. When I look for Ruger rings, I invariably have the perfect 30mm for the front, but not the back. Then to Midway USA, where I discover that the specific back ring that I need is back-ordered and delivery is anticipated an hour after the glaciers move south. I order anyway, forget about the back order and figure out something else. When the back-order arrives, I toss it in the rings bin, where, in a few months, I will discover that I have the perfect Ruger rear ring, but the front ring is not available…you get my drift.

When I went to Africa, there were NO 30mm Ruger rings available for my Ruger Guide Gun's Leupold scope…I was at GUNSITE, and I called my friends at the factory in Prescott and groveled. They came through for me big time with what was probably the only set of 30mm Ruger rings available anywhere.

No complaints once the scope is mounted on the rifle. They're just like everything else built by Ruger…like the proverbial rock…and yes, it is a stronger mount than a rail mount because there is less to fail. The rings are anchored to the receiver itself rather than a rail or mount that is attached to the receiver.

On my much loved Ruger #1s in 45/70 I had all kinds of trouble on mounting a scope. I wanted to use my trusty Leupold 1.5-4X FireDot, one of the great classic scopes on earth. I've used it on a bunch of different guns, in competition, hunting…love it. It simply wouldn't work with the Ruger ring set-up. I tried a Burris MTAC…no dice. I even tried a Redfield 3-9X and still wasn't comfortable with it. Finally I gave up and replaced the Ruger rail with a Weaver/Pic rail and mounted a Burris Scout Scope in a forward position. Wicked fast, and perfect for the 45/70…and then the New Zealand government wouldn't certify my single shot 45/70 for hunting in NZ! LOL! They did certify my back-up rifle, my Ruger Gunsite Scout in .308…which, parenthetically, because I had replaced the Ruger rail with an XS Sights full length rail, I'd stuck on a Swaro 3-9X ultralight in the standard position, since I'd put my Scout Scope on the 45/70! Juggle juggle juggle.. Certifications came through a week before I left…yes, I could have juggled scopes, but the RGS was dead nuts sighted in (at 100 yards, with range info out to 400 on the Hornady 150 GMXs)…and I's superstitious about changes at the last minute. And on SG you saw how the Scout/Swaro/Hornady combo delivered.


PS: I like Seekins Precision rings and Warne AR mounts…The Burris AR mount is pretty good, but I'm not crazy about their quick disconnect system. I hate Leupold scope mounts, love the scopes.

Anonymous said...

Urine from a carnivore around the perimeter of a garden is alleged to do a nice job of keeping deer away. Probably has to be periodically refreshed.

If you have a mirror you can probably locate a large carnivore :-)


Will said...

I get annoyed every time I look at my .41 magnum Redhawk with the distorted ring mounting slot area.
I think I was using a Quarter to snug it up. Can't get it tight enough with just fingers. Not sure if it may partly be due to it being a stainless steel barrel. Some of those alloys are fairly soft in comparison to steel that can be blued. Worked with SS a fair bit in the high tech areas of Silicon Valley. It can be a PITA.

can you direct me to your post about Trump's kids and the 2nd? I can't seem to find it. I should have bookmarked it.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

It could the audio on your weekly podcast 8-10 area, but at the end of each sentence you were kinda "gasping' for air . Listen and see if you agree just in case .Probably nothing .


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