Friday, July 15, 2016

Weekend Thoughts….More Blood on the Ground

From Victor Davis Hanson:
After the attacks by radical Islamists in San Bernardino and Orlando, Americans did not rally together as they had after 9/11. Instead, almost immediately, the country was torn further apart. About half the nation saw the terrorist killings as a reason for stricter gun control rather than a reason to fear the continuing spread of radical Islamic terrorism. The other half worried that political correctness and the president's refusal to even mention radical Islamic terrorism are eroding the ability to deter it. 
America's enemies draw their own conclusions.
Historian Victor Davis Hanson has emerged as one of the most articulate analysts on America's decline.

I have a few points that I mentioned over the weekend, but that need to be reiterated:

1) We are in a war. The nature of war is that there is ALWAYS a next battle. Right now, our enemies are planning the next atrocity.

2) No combatant has the luxury of declaring themselves a "noncombatant." I'm sure after the first 90 days in the trenches of Europe in WW1, the Brits would have loved to have said, "Ummmmm, upon further reflection…" Only the enemy gets to define your status.

3) It is disingenuous to say, "This could happen here," since it is already under way here, Most recently, Garland, San Bernardino, Orlando and Dallas.

4) We are the only country in the world who can defend against this 4th Generation style of warfare. For those of you who slept in, 4GW war is a war where the lines between politics and war, civilians and soldier become blurred. From William S. Lind, one of the military strategist who first defined the concept, "In broad terms, fourth generation warfare seems likely to be widely dispersed and largely undefined; the distinction between war and peace will be blurred to the vanishing point."

5) The reason the United States is the only country positioned to fight on this new and confusing battle field is because we are the only country with ARMED CITIZENS. Diffuse attacks require diffuse responses (I stole that line from someone, but the reference slips my mind). In the absence of civilian arms, the only response left with people caught in these mass casualty incidents is, "Run and hide!" In the entire history of people on the planet, that strategy hasn't worked very well.

6) While the media and the chattering class (of which I usppose I am a member) will continue endlessly harping on the Mobius Strip time-waster of "why why why?????," I submit that for we civilians out on the battlefield, "why" is a completely worthless word. Whether the attacker was "inspired by ISIS," "a copycat attack" or the North Vietnamese Army regulars, our tactical responses need to be the same.

7) Need I say it again? YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!


Sheepdog1968 said...

And Michael, the liberal county I live in wont issue me a CCW. I applied and it too them nearly two years to make their final decision. It really frustrates me. I have lots of training and am just the kind of armed citizen society would want. Yes, I do keep looking to move. Though my industry is fairly focused in certain areas. Last time I tried moving it nearly bankrupt me.

Anonymous said...

The Obama doctrine of defeating radical islam without defeating islam is insane. It's like trying to defeat Nazism without defeating Germany or Japanese militarism without defeating Japan. The only way to win this war is via the WWII model. Pulverize their cities, swize their assets (why we accepted fantasy that the oil was "theirs" remains a mystery; they didn't even know what oil was),capture, try and execute their leaders, whe you engage them, take no prisoners; and finally when ruin is general, allow them to rebuild their religion under our supervision. I do leave out an occupation stage; no value to put boots on ground in smashed cities amid megacasualties.

Rob Drummond said...

"You are on your own" True words and ones we all need to remember and live by.

A few years ago I fired an employee and he started following me around. He was fired for serious behavior issues he had with another employee threatening him and such. I had to have him removed from my business by the police it was that bad. Shortly after that I would find in following me around on the way to work, going to the store, etc. It happened enough where I finally went to the police living in a rural area the police are not nearby. I filed a report and the police said they would make some extra patrols to the business and my home. I asked one of the officers I was friendly with what should I be prepared to do if I found this guy in my business or home and he said whatever it takes to keep you and your family safe. He freely admitted to me that by the time they got there whatever happened would be over. All the laws on the books are not going to protect you from violence if someone is determined. I was armed then I am armed now. Be vigilant, be aware of your surroundings, and be prepared to fight. As Michael said: "You are on your own".
Rob Drummond

Anonymous said...

It didn't take a rocket scientist, as they say, to figure out this latest "weapon of mass destruction" that was used in Nice. It wasn't the first time that it was used though. It just wasn't widely reported because it didn't fit the "gun-control" narrative that the press is complicit in using to inculcate the general populace. Long before 911, I recall conversations at the coffee machine predicting the method used there. That was at the height of the "high-jacking for a cause" epidemic in the world. Only the box cutters were new. Now, our "leader" still uses these events to call for gun control and the useful idiots support him. Note how the press, as the news was breaking, was quick to keep reminding us that the perp' in this latest event "had a handgun, an assault weapon and (fake) grenades". As the story evolved and the painful facts were made known, it was clear that the truck was the actual device that killed people.

I wonder how long before Obama calls for "controls" on your Duramax, or SuperDuty diesel. After all, didn't the Nice "trucker's" truck have a diesel in it. Anybody can use one of these "high-powered" trucks to mow crowds down. How about controls on the size of the fuel tank? Maybe then the trucker wouldn't be able to mow-down a half-mile stretch of sidewalk. We laugh and satirize this, but we are sobered by the fact that we are being controlled by liars and idiots.

Win the Whitehouse by voting OUR candidate in. AND join the NRA too. If you're already a member, donate money to them.

Life Member

Life Member

Anonymous said...

And from a war on another front:

Hillary Clinton has just declared that in her first 100 days after being elected POTUS, she will introduce a Constitutional Amendment to overthrow the "Citizens United Decision" by the SCOTUS. If you recall, that judgment found that in-line with the basis for the laws of incorporation, corporations have the same speech rights as individual citizens and therefore have the right to make political contributions. The laws are written that way, to protect corporations, that are made up of individual investors, from the general populace voting into law, other policies that could strip them of everything from all of their income, to all of their assets and all of their other rights. "Nationalization", or confiscation of the company, is going on in Sean Penn's Venezuela as you read this. I wonder if Democrat-supporting unions realize that they are corporations too.

Everyone should recognize that her strategy is similar to her declaration that gun companies shouldn't have protection from litigation that would hold then responsible for the illegal and improper use of their products. That law, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, is what keeps gun companies from being bankrupted by predatory lawsuits. Get the picture here? See the pattern?

Any vote for a Democrat is an act of theft from us and our children.

We need to keep spreading the word.

Life Member

DMD said...

...and the protest act of "not voting" actually becomes a vote for Hillary--if you do not vote for Trump--prepare to lose your guns!!! DMD

Mtnshooter said...

We're in the middle of a insurgency war. I never thought half of our own political system would be leading it against our own people , destablize the country,and to raise up the new (one) world order.

NJ Larry said...

Woke up this lazy hot Sunday morning what? Another freakin armed attack on police officers. This time in Baton Rouge. More dead. More funerals. More weeping families. While getting old sucks, it does have the advantage of providing historical perspective. The race riots of the early 1960s were worse than today. But 2016 ain't far behind. We are in one helluva shitty place in this country. And worldwide its a feeakin mess. We have no one else to thank but the progressive left. Damn them all to hell.

Anonymous said...


At least in the 60's, we had leaders like JFK and even LBJ, that worked to try to make things right. LBJ's heart was in the right place, but it looks like his "Great Society" actually back-fired and caused the growth of the culture that is perpetrating all of this racial stuff. I was an eye witness to Detroit's riots in '67. It wasn't pretty. The fallout can still be seen today on what's left of the streets of Detroit. The divide between races is greater now than ever. It's because of long-term mayors like Democrat(!) Coleman Young, who in my opinion is also a racist, pounding the wedge deeper. Those on the receiving-end of it just moved out.

Today our president just rationalized that if his constituents don't get their way, "there will be more of this". You can see how he reacted to the LT. Governor of Texas, as he was confronted for saying it. So, now what do we expect? He never, ever has been heard to say "You just don't do these things".

Just remember, liberals always do the opposite of what is actually required. Most are just stupid and that's why they do it. Others are sinister and they are doing these things to wrest control of our once fine country.

"Make America Great Again!". Vote for Trump

Life Member

KevinC said...

No combatant has the luxury of declaring themselves a "noncombatant."

"You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you." - Leon Trotsky.

Our current President thought he could end a war (two wars, actually) be declaring himself the winner in the middle of the game and going home. That's not how the way ANY competition works, much less war. You don't declare yourself the winner at halftime in a football game (or any sport) and then go home, if you do, the other side wins by forfeit. That's the way sport works and it the way war works as well.

And now Obama is declaring the war on ISIS to be almost over, despite all the evidence to the contrary. The war is over when the other side is defeated, not when we are tired of fighting.

frank said...


I believe it was Aaron Zelman & L. Neil Smith who first used the 'diffuse threat, diffuse defense' line, in October 2001: