Friday, May 27, 2005

Color MOI Confused...

Actually, I was certain it was Monday for about two hours this morning. Then I thankfully discovered it was Friday, and a HOLIDAY FRIDAY to boot! I think it was that International Date Line at the Knasas border when I was flying home last night.

Anyhow, this morning I'm confused about politics. I note this morning that the Democrats have filibustered U.N. Ambassador nominee John Bolton, although the MSM refuses to call a filibuster a filibuster, since the they're all swept away in some "bipartisan" vision.

Other than gun politics, I usually steer away from political commentary, largerly because the blogoshere is fraught with apprentice political commentators. My politics haven't been a secret for. oh, four or five decades. I followed the David Horowitz trajectory from student radical to committed libertarian, largely driven by guns and gun control issues. Yada yada...

So here's why I'm confused...

I didn't vote for Republicans to foster a series of bipartisan compromises.

I voted for them to scorch the earth.

I am a moderate only in the sense that I haven't publicly called for door-to-door searches for liberals, followed by immediate hangings of the miserable quisling weasels from the closest telephone pole. That doesn't mean, however, that I think liberals have anything of value to contribute to the national dialogue. I have listened to their thoughtful arguments, and they sound a lot like the funny grunting noises my beagle Alf makes — endearing, sincere and utterly without intelligence.

SOOOOOOOOO...there 's a judicial "compromise" spearheaded by a Republican who lusts to be President so badly that he would...suffice to say anything...if he thought it would improve his chances. This is the same man who sold out our gun rights when he was running in the 2004 primaries because he believed it — incorrectly — when his liberal buddies told him "a majority of Americans favor more gun control."

John McCain is Hillary Clinton in drag, a person willing to sleep with whomever he/she has to in order to rise to power. The MSM likes this because it makes their own casual morals seem soooooooooo much more mainstream.

It seems clear to me that:
1) The Democrats LOST
2) They lost because the country as a whole rejected their agenda
3) The Republicans WON
4) They won becaused the country as a whole agreed with their agenda
5) Part of that agenda was "loading" the courts with judges who for the most part agreed with that agenda
6) Another part of that agenda was that the UN is a giant vestigial appendix that provides a fun forum for Third World dictators, crooked international politicians and rapists masquerading a "peacekeepers"
We have a big stake in this, because the antigun forces, having been thwarted in ever single electorial venue they've tried, have for decades seen the courts as their last resort for insitutionalizing their antigun agenda. I've said before I don't give a damn about the bulk of the Republican "cultural" agenda — marry a sheep if you want to! — but conservative/libertarian judges are critical in turning back the heavily funded antigun legal challenges.

You cannot craft a bipartisan compromise with people who believe you are a brain-dead moron. Is this so complicated?


Anonymous said...

The country as a whole wanted the Republicans in? Ummm check the numbers. Rt was a close election (with the Repubs cheating) and the Repubs and Bush's popularity rating across the country and across political lines is in the toilet. Hard to believe you can be so obtuse but then ignorance and/or denial of reality are both pretty strong. I don't know which it is in your case. probably some of both. Try reading a newspaper some time instead of sounding so out of touch with reality.

Michael Bane said...

Gosh, to a large extent "ignorance" and "denial of reality" war for control of my psyche and have for as long as I remember — which is, of course, a function of mind-altering drugs, hallucinations, brutal parental abuse as a child and daily newspapers.

Now here's a flash for you, Bubba — anyone who thinks polls matter has mental acumen of a concrete block. Any moron...excuse me, excluding Dems...can spin a poll any way they want it. Hell, I had to do that in college to get a passing grade in my stats analysis class, and that was in the Dawn of Time.

Secondly, "close" only counts in hand grenades and horseshoes — you lost. Your *ideas* failed to unseat the most vulnerable President in recent history. Your own *polls* said the guy was toast, that a barbeque sandwich could sweep to victory over Bush. *Nobody* liked Bush; *everybody* hated the way he handled the economy, the Iraq war, terrorism; hell, he couldn't *buy* a vote.

Except he's still Prez and John Kerry is...doing what? Writing his life story? Spending his wife's money?

So, keep donating to the Dems, Bubba, and pray — *pray* I tell you! — that they nominate the lovely Hillary...because the *polls* all agree that she's a slam dunk, and she can't lose because everybody "hates" Bush...blah blah blah...

See you in 2008 there, Bub!


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