Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Two Good Guns Floating Around

I usually don't do this, but there are a couple of used guns floating around in the non-internet world that are worth taking a look at.

The first is an S&W stainless steel M-64 .38 Special round-butt revolver with a 2-inch barrel. These are not the smallest .38 J-frames, but the larger K-frames. Not as concealable, but one heck of a workhorse revolver and probably one of the strongest .38 Specials out there...+P+ no problemo. BACHMAN PAWN & GUN in Dallas (214-351-0572) has used ones for the lordly sum of $239.95. No web presence. Hell of a price, though.

For a few dollars more (sounds suspiciously like a Clint Eastwood movie, doesn't it), you can get the big brother with the adjustable sights. The S&W M-66 .357 2.5 inch revolver was, to me, one of the baseline S&W blasters. I carried one for about two years with 125-grain screamers and never felt undergunned for a single minute. They've been few and far between lately, but Hoplite, Inc., a Shepherdsville, KY, company with a long history of selling AR parts, has some used ones for $299.99. Darn good price for a 66 in good condition! You can reach 'em by phone at 502-955-5014. Again, no website.

I'm torn...for what I'd use the gun for, I'd prefer the fixed-sight M-64 with its slightly shorter barrel. But the .357 offers so much more ammo versatility, it makes it pretty much a wash. I suspect I'll opt for the 66 for old times sake. Maybe not...

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