Thursday, May 26, 2005


Been slacking and traveling at the same time, supervising some AMERICAN RIFLEMAN TV shoots. Yesterday we were at Midway USA filming a couple of stories, including a stock refinishing thing — yeah, a bit slow for SHOOTING GALLERY, but, damn, I finally figured out why my stocks end up looking like Wal-Mart lawn furniture when I refinish 'em! — and a fun thing on building your own trick Ruger 10/.22. I liked the lamenated pink Fajen thumbhole stock, I'm getting one for myself...of course, now I have to get a Ruger 10/.22!

Today I'm spending the day at the Bianchi Cup, the world championships of NRA Action Shooting. I shot Bianchi back in the's a brutal test of your ability to shoot accurately. I remember the falling plates were grim grim grim for me...apparently, they'd been welded in placed and refused to fall. Of course, I never missed any of them!

Just finished a deal for SHOOTING GALLERY 's next season where we'll be spending some time with driving legend Tony Scotti looking at high-risk driving (a la Iraq) and defending against carjackers down at the mall. This story idea came from pal Walt Rauch — thanks, dude!

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Saw you filming at Rangemaster in February. Do you plan to air this in 2005 ??