Thursday, January 19, 2006

I Love You Guys!

But not in a Brokeback Mountain sort of way!

These are comments on SHOOTING GALLERY from The Outdoor Channel's website. Seriously, I am the luckiest SOB in the world to have this job and you all as viewers! Thanks...and keep those cards and letters coming, as they say...
To the President of the Outdoor Channel;

Sir, I'd just like to let you know that I really enjoy TOC's programming. I just found the channel a couple months back and now it's the most TiVo'd channel in our house.

In particular, I love Shooting Gallery. The host is informative and witty, and seems really personally interested in his subject matter. It's a great show. I watch most of the firearms-related programming I can find, and Shooting Gallery is by far the most entertaining and informative.

And the host kind of reminds me of Captain Kangaroo. Captain Kangaroo with guns. Bet that rabbit would've thought twice about dumping those ping-pong balls on the ol' Captain if he'd had a 1911 strapped to his belt. But I digress.

That's MY kinda TV. Keep up the good work.


Shooting Gallery is a great show, thanks for putting it on the air.

It would even be better if it increased to one hour episodes.


I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your program, Shooting Gallery. I would enjoy it at least twice as much if it ran an hour instead of a half hour, though. I make a point to purchase from the advertisers that buy time during the show, and also let them know I appreciate their support of the shooting sports, especially the non-hunting sports. Michael Bane brings a ton of credibility, contacts, and knowledge to the show. He also is enough of a "regular Joe" that folks like me can identify with him.

Thank you again.


I would like to request that The Shooting Gallery be expanded to a full hour. I pay an extra fee to receive The Outdoor Channel through my dish provider. While it is not the only show I watch on your channel, it is the primary reason I am willing to pay the extra fee. The expanded format would solidify my desire to keep your channel.

In conclusion, I appreciate The Outdoor Channel's willingness to air The Shooting Gallery and hope you will seriously consider expanding it to an hour.


Your blog always brightens my day. Thanks for the work you are doing for the shooting community. I don't know how you get all these projects done in your day?

Shooting Gallery is the only show dedicated to us "gun nuts" that keeps focus. I saw your name in the credits for American Rifleman. Can't you get them to be more stimulating. I am sure Mark must be a great guy, but where is the joy?

The only thing that really steams my clams is that all the shooting media seem to whore themselves to the manufacturers. When a gun misses its mission to provide value for investment. I want a little honesty. Case in point...

I bought a scandium .357 snubbie that was reviewed on one of the tele shows. They had video which showed the recoil to be in my range of acceptability. When I dropped the hammer on that beast the trigger guard split the front of my trigger finger open. The factory grips are terrible. Fortunately Herret delivered me Jordan trooper grips that tamed the beast. Could you visit them on a segment? They really know their stuff. If you could inspire them to make grips for my T/C Encore .444 Marlin

I would be eternally grateful.
Again, thanks to you all! Captain Kangaroo lives!!!


Anonymous said...

Now all you need to do is find a red suit with white piping to wear to the SHOT show!

Captain Kangaroo with guns, indeed!

Anonymous said...

I want to see you turn Uncle Walter (Rauch) in your own "Mr. Green Jeans." Grin :) :) Grin

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Anonymous said...

When I sent that letter to OLN, I seriously wondered if the management would be old enough to even know who the Captain was. Glad they passed it on to you Michael. You have a great show, keep up the good work.