Friday, October 06, 2006

And the Hunter, Home From the...Red Barn?

Yes, it's true:
• 155 bicycling miles
• 3 1/2 bicycling days
• 1 hiking day
• 3 dreadfully expensive country inns
• 8 Harpoon IPAs
• 2 Creme Brulees
• at least a gallon of maple syrup, amber/fancy variety
• 500 scenic red barns
• 3 covered bridges
• 1 raving asshole woman
• 1 apricot scone, with Creme Fraiche
• 5 sets of stinking bike clothes
• 2 appetizers I couldn't pronounce
• 2 Backroads water bottles
• 16 fellow travelers
• 2 all-suffering guides names Anna and Heather
• 1 really chintzy maple syrup museum featuring noble Native Americans, dugouts, big iron pots, trees and some other stuff that blew right past me
• 1 hot fudge sundae
• 1 brazed tuna with wasabi
• 2 authentic Vermont flannel shirts, gauranteed made by Native Vermont women chewing the hide of a flannel, or something like that
• 1 snake in the road
• 1 Abe Lincoln top hat
• 6 gnomes later... Sweetie and I have survived our vacation — a Backroads bicycling tour of Vermont — and are back in harness! The pix is me with a gnome, who kept trying to give me stock picks. I told him to shut up with the insider information of it was back to the Mines of Moria for him. As usual, my Sweetie biked me into the ground.

I had a wonderful time!

Anything happen while I was gone? Did I get any instant messages from Republican Congressmen looking for hot chat with a 16-year-old hottie? Has North Korea destroyed the world? Is Kenny still dead? Is it true that Sienna Miller said Pittsburg sucks, which is pretty much self-evident, then had to apologize? Damn, there's a lot to be said for being out of touch!


Anonymous said...

I'm in VT on vacation next week. Where's the Syrup museum?

Not Available said...

Kenny's dead?

Hey sailor, you're cute in your yellow helmet and blue jacket!

No reply needed.

Anonymous said...

I like to ride a bike, but don't think I could survive that much biking!! Glad you made it back safe and sound.