Monday, October 09, 2006

Name That Head!

And no, it's not Al Gore!

It's actually art, from Petroc Sesti, who seems to be having a good ole time at it. This wax bust shows the results of a 20mm shell through the forehead.
The figurative sculptures encloded here were made in collaboration with the British Military, the male and female nude busts are made of 'hard wax' revealing the science of human self mutilation, through the impact of real military 20mm ammunition flesh wounds into the 'temporarely preheated to body temperature' wax busts. The calm meditative posture of the figures are altered only by the frozen moment of impact.
Now that is a splitting headache! It would look good in my office, too. [Thanks to the BitchGirls for the link]


Anonymous said...

Too bad it aint Al Gore!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd say he had an open mind!