Friday, October 13, 2006

The Cactus Plants Are Tough on the Pants...

...deep in the heart of Texas, where I am doing whatever it is one does in Texas, aside from eat BBQ and wear hats. We've got a day of filming COWBOYS tomorrow, then up to Georgetown and my pal Dave Skinner at STI International for SHOOTING GALLERY.

Any questions you wanna ask Brother Skinner and I'll be sure to ask 'em. And, yes, I plan to shoot the Texican Single Action Army clone and get some posted on the SG site ASAP!

Meanwhile, before I drift off to Dreamy-Land, I leave you with this item from our brethern and sisterns (?) Across the Pond, from the ubiquitous Daily Mail:
Nurse 'savaged' by enraged giant pig

A nurse has spoken of her terror after she was attacked by a giant pig which charged the horse she was riding and then savaged her after she was thrown to the ground.

Suffering from broken ribs from the fall, Carolyn Robinson feared for her life as the enraged pig hurtled at her.

The ferocious beast, which she describes as "huge", mauled the 51 year old and snapped at her legs as she tried desperately to fight it off while lying prone in a quiet country lane.

The pig was eventually driven off by Mrs Robinson's worried teenage daughter, with the help of passers-by.
The animal is believed to still be on the loose in Hampshire's New Forest and police are urging people to be cautious and report any threatening pig incidents.
Heaven help her if she had had the wherewithal to cap the porcine marauder...she'd be doing time while the pig appeared on The View for an exclusive interview with Rose O'Donnell to discuss anger management issues.

Anyway, I gotta get up early...remember, report any threatening pig incidences, especially if they involve Rosie! As to whom, I was thinking maybe Al Gore. He invented pigs, you know...


Anonymous said...

Does STI have any plans for other calibers beside .45 Colt? (Hint: 44-40)

Anonymous said...

Here's something you can ask Mr. Skinner - Why are STI's guns so friggin expensive?

I could buy THREE of SG's 2005 Gun of The Year, the Taurus Gaucho for the price of one STI Texican. And I can load 6 rounds in the Gaucho.
My Gaucho puts 6 rnds into ONE hole at 45'. For another $800 will the hole be smaller? Who cares!

I own a few status symbol guns.
The "neat factor" runs from about 3 seconds to 90 seconds depending on who is looking at it.
Not once has a fair haired maiden stripped and serviced me at the sight of my overpriced status symbol guns. The pride of ownership for said guns is outweighed by the fact that I could have bought several guns of equal utility for the same price.

$1260 for a SAA clone? Jesus H. Christ! I work for a living!
1000-2500+ for a 1911? No thanks. Not in this or the next lifetime.

In "skinnergram" #89 he says they recouped the tooling cost for a couple of guns and will knock $200 off the price. Whoopdefreakindo.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you bought the cheap gun so shut up. Do you go into the Mercedes dealership and ask them why the hell their car doesn't cost less - like the price of a Chevette? Skinner's guns rock and if you can't play in the upper price range of guns then save your pennies and buy another Taurus.

The fact that you won't simply ignore the damn STI pistols is because of one simple reason - you like most people want one. It's just that others can afford to buy them and you can't. Say your good byes and move on. Let it go.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bane, do I see a SG Pig Hunt episode in our future?

Michael Bane said...

Pigs with pistols...sounds good, doesn't it? I'd have to bring Brother Nugent along...he's big on pig hunts with his Kimber 10mm.

RE: Skinner's prices...I gotta agree with the second poster...some things cost more than others. The Gaucho is a great revolver..why we chose it as Gun of the Year. I was shooting one of the .357s TODAY, and it is a joy to shoot. I also have a $3000 Dave Clement custom Ruger Flat-Top .357, and you would have to pry it out of my cold dead hands.

I think the Taurus 1911 at $599 MSRP may be the deal of the new century...but I wouldn't trade my Richard Heinie unobtanium 1911 for a dozen of them.

I collect custom guns and carry and out-of-the-box SIGARMS 225. Go figure.

As to STI, I shot a .40 EDGE in USPSA Limited, and it was an AWESOME gun. I used it to train new shooters because it just felt right in the hand...the same reason we used very trick STI guns in the NSSF Media Education Program. I own a .40 single stack STI Trojan — which at less than $1000 is a great buy — and it is a rocket. Ditto for the LS-9 Dabe Burns of Burns Custom Pistols built for me.

I love pizza, but sometimes I gotta go get sushi...way it is.


Anonymous said...

God I hate it when people just can't read.
"The fact that you won't simply ignore the damn STI pistols is because of one simple reason - you like most people want one. It's just that others can afford to buy them and you can't."

Wrong on several counts Sir Twit.
I didn't bring up STI. Mr. Bane did.
I *don't* want one or I would already have one.
I could very easily afford one - or more.
(You wouldn't believe what they pay me for what I know.)

As you seem to have missed earlier,
I ALREADY OWN STATUS SYMBOL GUNS! And I ain't talking about an inexpensive Taurus.
(Point of note: It's not "cheap", it's inexpensive. There's a difference.)
If I'm going to spend $2000 or more, it's going to be on a 1/2 MOA rifle. Not another 1911 clone which seem to sprout like mushrooms after a rain.

Firehand said...

That's sad, "report any threatening pig incidents". Not that long ago a couple of locals would've gone hunting and taken care of it.

Mind you, the damn things can be really dangerous.