Saturday, October 07, 2006

Shining New World of the Future!

O'Hare Airport.

That's the model for the Shining New World of the Future...perfectly dehumanized with bright shiney posters that bear as much relationship to your life as hieroglyphics...constant announcements of security conditions...dozens of food kiosks manned by unsmiling refugees from Someplace Else, serving food from many lands that all tastes the same...lots of neon and flashing lights, random checks, overlapping cellphone conversations, critical failures of deoderant...I could go on and on, but I'm home now.

Am looking forward to the carbine class at GUNSITE in a couple of weeks...going to spend some time with the new S&W AR clone. I'm also hoping to get a carbine class in at the SIG Academy with the 556 when it becomes available.

In checking back through roughly a billion messages last week, I discover a bulletin from one of the cherubs that certainly bears year's festive State of the Industry Address and gala at the SHOT Show in Orlando will be sponsored by ESPN. Ah yes, there's nothihng like getting back in touch with us hunting and fishing consumers, especially for a network that will not show any sport that includes handguns or "black" rifles, nor will it accept advertising from same if said advertising shows the dread handgun or black rifle.

Golly, that's not sleeping with the enemy, is it?

I was trying to remember which network it was that showed the handgun sports, black rifles, .50 BMGs, high speed training, for-real self-defense training...and hunting and fishing...that would

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Anonymous said...

Re ESPN V OC, money triumphs, once again, over values and principles. (An this in addition to the known bias of some firearms related groups against "evil" back rifles and handguns.)

(Pogo, a long gone cartoon character whose biting comments were disturbing to many "back then". He said something along the lines of "we have met the enemy and he is us."