Friday, October 27, 2006

One More Before Nite-Nite...

...after all, I got a show to film tomorrow! Above is answer to life's most vexing question, i.e., what's the crummiest thing about a 1911. The answer, of course, is the grip safety, which often appears to have a mind of its own. As a person cursed with grily man hands, I have occasionally found myself standing on the line in a competition dutifully pulling the trigger while nothing happened, leading me to perform a TAP-ROLL-RACK clearance drill like a well-trained puppy. Far too often, the culprit is not a stoppage but a slightly less than fully depressed grip safety. In the Real World, the consequences of such are potentially much greater than just looking like an idiot in front of all your friends and having your Custom Doo-Dah 1911 Master Blaster shrivel with embarrassment.

My old friend Wayne Novak, Lord High King of the Novak Sight, has the answer, which he cleverly calls The Answer...a single unit combination mainspring housing/beavertail. Viola! You can't miss the grip safety, because it's no longer there!

I believe these are going to find their way only most, if not all, of my least the ones I shoot a lot.

The super cool grips, by the way, are one-offs made in G-10 for gunwriter Gary Paul Johnson, bearing his trademarked 1*, a simple reminder that you have only "one ass to risk." a point well worth remembering!

I'm going to save my overall reviews of the M&P pistol and rifle for a long treatment on the SG site next week. I bought both guns, and in response to one commenter, I shot several of the rifles, and while they did a "mil-spec" trigger, it was fine for anything but target work. I have had SUBSTANTIALLY MORE PROBLEMS with alledgedly "trick" AR triggers — including some very well know aftermarket brands — that just don't hold up to a lot of pounding. I'll take a mil-spec trigger that works all the time every time. I've looked at a lot of ARs since I decided that I desperately needed another one, and the S&W with the Aimpoint M2 was dead bang what I was looking for.

Now, before I pass out, I gotta watch the SOUTH PARK Halloween special, because intellectual stimulation is very important!

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Jerry The Geek said...

The "patented 1*" insignia on Gary Paul Johnson's "Super Cool Grips" bear a striking resemblance to that of the First Infantry Division. Not that I'm suggesting plagirism. I merely want to thank Mr. Johnson for his tribute to The Big Red One.

I am proud of having served with the 1ID (as it is known today) in 1969-1970 at Dian and Camp Venable, Viet Nam.

I wonder if I can get a proper First Infantry Division set of stocks for The Beloved Kimber.