Sunday, October 15, 2006

Warning Signs for the New World

This from the Lifeboat Foundation, thoughtfully providing us with warning signs for the world of tomorrow. I need one of these immediately for the door to my office!

Finished the second day of our COWBOY 101 special event and tomorrow am off to STI. I'm a little surprised at the level of venom in the comments on yesterday's post. Oh well...

Me and "Lefty Longridge" — aka Joe Alesia — stopped by the Cabela's store in Buda, TX. Let me put this into's as big as a friggin' planet! The store has its own mountain, enough stuffed animals to fill the Field Museum, with sufficient leftovers for the Gillette, WY, airport, and, heck, for all I know, its own gravity.

Joe and I made a run on the gun department, which is about the size of your average warehouse. Two things caught my eye, both oldies...a Marlin 1894 lever gun in .38-40 in great shape for under seven bills and a refinished Winchester 1892 in the same caliber for about $100 more. I'm a big fan of the .38-40 for no particular reason. I could tell you that it's "better than this cartridge or that cartridge," a la the gun rags, but I'd be lying. Think of it as an early .41 Magnum level cartridge that's a bitch to reload 'cause of it's bottleneck. Its an acquired taste, like kimchi.

Cabelas also had a couple of nice 1st Gen Colt S.A.A.s for about the price of a used Honda Civic — thanks, but no — and some shotguns that would require one of those tricky mortgages. Personally, I was almost overcome by the idea of cammie everything. I'm not totally sure, but I though there was a special area for having your spousal until spray-painted in digital cammie, your choice of woodland, winter or desert.


iainmcphersn said...

No doubt you struck a nerve with STI. One of the best reasons to support STI , is that they support competitive shooting. If that's not your game, that's cool with me.

Anonymous said...

"....remove all warning signs and let nature take it's course...."

Anonymous said...

You should go to the BIG Cabela's store in Ft Worth. The Buda store, while nice, is about like your average Wal-mart.

Firehand said...

First time I went to the Fort Worth Cabela's it was almost like a religeous experience.

A store that not only had some .470 Nitro Express double rifles, they actually carried snap caps for them!